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Baghdad bombings « Previous | |Next »
October 28, 2003

The news late last night and early this morning was full of reports about car bombings in Badghdad. These targeted a Red Cross HQ and three police stations in Baghdad in a coordinated attack spanning 45 minutes. 35-40 persons were killed and over 200 wounded. It follows on the heels of a rocket attack on the al-Rasheed Hotel, that came close to assassinating Paul Wolfowitz, the US. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz.

The politics of aiming arrow at the US dominance of Iraq worked as the rocket attack lead to a whole bunch of American VIPs running out into the street in their underwear.

The US response to these events? Why, the security situation in Iraq is actually improving. President Bush is talking tough, if what I heard on Radio National during my breakfast is a guide.
As interpreted by Linda Mottram, President Bush said that the increasing attacks on U.S. personnel and supporters in Iraq are a sign of progress because the attacks indicate that the Iraqi opponents of the US are getting increasingly desperate.

There was little comment about these events on the Radio National AM program that I heard. No experts offering their pearls of insight into what is currently happening in Iraq. There is no substantial international division of peace enforcers in Iraq forthcoming. The US allies are dragging their heels apart from the Turks.

It is about time there was a bit of an indepth analysis on Radio National on the situation in Iraq. It does appear that the cycle of violence is becoming worse and the pattern of heavy handed foreign occupier and stubborn resistance is deepening and becoming ever more entrenched. I know that it is more complex and confusing than that, but we only have snippets of information to work from.

But some bits click into place. Such as Iraq had no nuclear bomb program. Or more accurately, "Iraq's nuclear weapons scientists did no significant arms-related work after 1991, that facilities with suspicious new construction proved benign, and that equipment of potential use to a nuclear program remained under seal or in civilian industrial use."

All that spin about aluminum tubes that were shipped from China. You know the ones that Iraq was going to use as centrifuge rotors to enrich uranium for the core of a nuclear warhead? Just spin. The Coalition of the Willing used whatever "evidence" it could to provide support for a course of action already decided upon. Spinning the public about the spectre of the mushroom cloud---was the political game.

Can we now say that the UN sanctions were pretty good?

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