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Iraq: an exit strategy « Previous | |Next »
November 7, 2003

Iraq is America's problem.

It did not have to be that way, but that is the way it has turned out. It is what the American neo cons wanted.

Iraq is a problem for the US, given the level of American casualities coincides with a presidential election. Domestic imperatives mean that there has to be some form of cut and run.

The strategy is to put more Iraqi soldiers and police on the ground. Train them up fast to reduce the American footprint. Let the Iraqi's deal with the guerrillas as soon as possible.

And juggle things so that the Iraqi exiles under Ahmand Chabali take control of the administration. It doesn't matter that the exiles do not have popular support. It is now all about managing the political fallout of Iraq. What is paramount is the politics of the President Bush's re-election. The local politicians wil just have to deal with the guerrillas.

Of course, the cut and run will be covered over with lots of rhetoric about America's manifest destiny.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 7:55 AM | | Comments (2)


i'm not convinced the US will cut and run.

if we accept that Saddam was no threat to US security (and i find it hard to believe that the US govt. would actually believe that, even if they did believe Iraq had WMD's) then the US must have had something else in mind.

So, the US won't leave until they secure what they went for or until it profits them. I suspect that is going to be longer than constitutes a cut and run description.

I agree they won't actually cut and run. They didn't get so far to give up access now. They'll just do a pretend cut and run for domestic consumption.
The security force left behind will still be doing the USA bidding just that when they get shot it'll be an imam who buries the body rather than a Baptist chaplain.