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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

the politics of asylum seekers « Previous | |Next »
November 6, 2003

I see that a political storm is brewing in Canberra over the Howard Government's attempts to prevent Kurdish 14 Kurdish asylum seekers from Turkey landing on Australian soil. They are currently anchored off Melville Island because of retrospective regulations passed by the Howard Government, which excised the Island from Australia's migration zone. Hence they are excluded from the judicial system.

And the indigeneous Australians who live on Melville Island? Where do they stand? Are they now the despicable other?

It's a short-term political fix. The Senate is moving to disallow the regulations. As Tim Dunlop observes an election is near. You can hear the political strategists thinking 'lets play the politics of fear' again. That card worked well last time. Let's try it again. We have nothing to loose spooking the Australian electorate. A tough stand on the national interest and security squeezes the ALP in all the right places. They're still all hung up on adopting a more compassionate stance on refugees.
David Rowe

But there is another side to this politics of immigration. It is getting the refugees out of the country. Australia is knowingly sending back asylum seekers to be tortured and murdered in their country of origin.

So argues Julie Macken in the Australian Financial Review with an article entitled 'Our Secret Shame' (subscription required, 6 11 03, p. 76.) And the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs is indifferent to the fate of those it sends back.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 10:29 AM | | Comments (3)


If you were an opponent of the Iraq War then please feel free to shut the fuck up about the terrible homelands of the queue-jumpers.

Take a look at a map. To get to Oz from Iraq/Iran/etc you need a fucking travel agent. These aren't people fleeing to the nearest safe haven.

You get bonus points for the shrill lefty tone of the article.

Does the shrill left tone of the text apply to the Australian Financial Review as well?

Yes, they are members of the Fourth International!