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December 26, 2003

I'm too busy cleaning the holiday shack at Victor Harbor to post. Our guests arrive tomorow along with everyone else. The coastal town is starting to jump and shout as the summer holiday season starts in earnest. Everyone starts turning up on Boxing Day for their Xmas holiday fun. Adelaide just empties out, apart from the pigeons, old men and shoppers getting their fix at the sales.

I've always wondered about why the 26th was called Boxing Day. Well here's why:
Good old Leunig

Of course, Bryon Bay is the epicentre of seaside holiday living, where you hang up your work shoes, pullon the t shirt and shorts, walk the sand dunes and go listen to the sounds of the waves.
For Christopher Pearson Xmas holidays at the seaside amounts to compulsory fun in substandard beachside accommodation. Nature means sand, sandflies and mosquitoes. Fun means beach cricket and ill-disciplined children who become savages. And community bonding? Well, as Jean-Paul Sartre said, "Hell is other people."

And that about sums things up re summer fun for Christopher.

Sounds like Christopher has a problem with modernity. Don't you think?

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 3:08 PM | | Comments (2)


at the risk of being even cheekier, christopher has problems full stop (8-o.

I'm with Christopher on this one. A full kitchen and a seat watching the cricket is good enough for me.

I'll leave the beach to you energetic young souls.