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it's much ado about nothing « Previous | |Next »
December 17, 2003

Some off the beat comments.

Digital TV is just around the corner. The regulatory hurdles on digital transmission have been cleared. Consumers are going to be offered a veritable suite of services. And the new digital electronic guide is going to be oh so user -friendly. Everybody is bubbling over with optimism.

As I understand it from the various sound bites Foxtel is still not making money. for Telstra, News Corp. and PBL. Foxtel has a low market penetration in Australia and has been running at a loss since its inception in 1995.

Meanwhile the free-to-air television continues to decline in quality.

Why these comments about nothing in particular?

I'm plain tired of the media flows about the capture of Saddam Hussein. It's a media spectacle. Pages after page is devoted to nothing much in particular. The much ado about nothing is little more than publicity designed to boost the electoral stocks of Bush, Blair and Howard. It's the security card being played from the White House.

Maybe I should have written about optimism and the stock market. That too would be much ado about nothing.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 10:33 AM | | Comments (1)


A few years ago I was laughed at when I argued that Australians would not take up pay TV and that the only outcome would be the decline of free-to-air quality.