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Kyoto: achieving little? « Previous | |Next »
December 18, 2003

Another round of Global Warming negotiations have finished with Russia still unwilling to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. Australia rejected the Protocol some time back, and has not put forward any alternative global plan to reduce greenhouse emissions. The aluminium industry continues to keep a very close watch on the Howard Government, to ensure that there is no moving away from its opposition to Kyoto.

Australia continues to have a real greenhouse problems. The prolonged period of economic growth from the 1980s was premised on an increasing supply of energy. That has meant an increasing reliance on coal-sourced energy, which then increases greenhouse emissions.

So we are left with emerging regional carbon trading markets, an emerging Australian renewable energy industry, and the underfunding of the Australian Greenhouse Office. That's probably not enough to prevent the expected 1.6-2.0 degree increase in global average temperatures over the coming decades.

Nor are these enough to prevent the expected damage to Kakadu wetlands, the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland's tropical rainforests and Australia's tropical vertebrates.

The Australia government still talks in terms of reducing its greenhouse emissions. However, it is not clear how this is going to happen. There is very little talk about the ecological sustainability of the national electricity market.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 1:01 PM | | Comments (0)