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December 13, 2003

What's missing in the Geneva Accord? The right of return of the Palestinian refugee ... The key represents the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their property, villages, and cities. (Omayya, Alhayat Aljadedah, 12/2/03).

There is an article in The Weekend Australian (no link) about what sort of state Israel could become. Three possibilities exist:
1.----a two state solution;
2.----an ethnically cleansed greater Israel;
3.-----a bi national state with a Jewish minority.

The two state solution is the one currently on the table. It is deemed to be the only realistic and sensible option given the failure of the peace process.

I suspect that Sharon favours option 2. From what I can make out, Israel would go it alone---take unilateral steps---- and impose a military solution on the Palestinians. Since most Palestinians would not be living under Israeli rule, this option involves new settlements and the migration of Palestinians. This religious ethno-Israel is not a fantasy of the Zionist far Right.

If this is the option being followed by the Sharon Government, then it has little interest in the peace process.

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