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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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December 21, 2003

The Last Saddam Tape. (Omayya, Alhayat Aljadedah, 12/15/03).

Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq was a regime of the mass graves.

Hussein was deluded as he thought that only Saddam spoke in the name of the Iraqi people. There were many disconnects between his rhetoric and reality. In the west Saddam was demonized beyond the human by the conservative agitprop machine.

The reality of Iraq was one of the people living under the authoritarian jackboot of the tyrananical regime Saddam's Baathism for a long time; a regime supported by the West for a long.

If you acknowledge this, then one must also acknowledge that Iraq has an extremely thin experience of political parties, debate and above-ground, civilian political organizing. That means its going to be tough going to create a democratic Iraq.

Especially when the people who are undergoing the transition to a democratic Iraq continue to live under a military rule administered by a foreign military organization.

And if the transition to a democratic Iraq is handled in a democratic way that reflects the will of the Iraqi people, then the new regime that would result in Baghdad would be fairly anti-American.

And the imperial presidencies exit strategy from Iraq? A Hollywood scenario of identify an individual Iraqi to whom they would hand over power----eg., Chalabi---- with all the flag, flagpoles and bands etc with the US troops sailing off into the sunset for Xmas. The lucky Mr. X (Chalabi) would then deal with all ensuing problems in Iraq--its fracturing--- as best he sees fit. Democracy in Iraq would have to wait until things got sorted.

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