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January 12, 2004

Alan Moir

The cartoon relates to the recent WMD in Iraq: Evidence and Implications Report by the Carnegie Endowment that has just been released. The key findings of this Report were:

1. Iraq WMD Was Not An Immediate Threat
Iraq's nuclear program had been suspended for many years; Iraq focused on preserving a latent, dual-use chemical and probably biological weapons capability, not weapons production.
Iraqi nerve agents had lost most of their lethality as early as 1991.
Operations Desert Storm and Desert Fox, and UN inspections and sanctions effectively destroyed Iraq's large-scale chemical weapon production capabilities.

2. Inspections Were Working
Post-war searches suggest the UN inspections were on track to find what was there.
International constraints, sanctions, procurement, investigations, and the export/import control mechanism appear to have been considerably more effective than was thought.

3.Intelligence Failed and Was Misrepresented
Intelligence community overestimated the chemical and biological weapons in Iraq.
Intelligence community appears to have been unduly influenced by policymakers' views.
Officials misrepresented threat from Iraq's WMD and ballistic missiles programs over and above intelligence findings.

4.Terrorist Connection Missing
No solid evidence of cooperative relationship between Saddam's government and Al Qaeda.
No evidence that Iraq would have transferred WMD to terrorists-and much evidence to counter it.
No evidence to suggest that deterrence was no longer operable.

5.War Was Not the Best-Or Only-Option
There were at least two options preferable to a war undertaken without international support: allowing the UNMOVIC/IAEA inspections to continue until obstructed or completed, or imposing a tougher program of "coercive inspections."

Little more needs to be said.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:26 AM | | Comments (4)


According to the Guardian, Tony Blair verbally slipped by mistakenly saying "weapons of mass deception". Of course, he then corrected himself.

"The Carnegie Foundation for International Peace"???

I've changed Foundation to Endowment.Thanks for the tip.

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