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March 3, 2004

Still on the road.

I heard from the news that the economy is booming. Record profitability and strong economic growth due to prudent economic management, says Peter Costello, the Federal Treasurer.

And the pressures on the sound economic management and budget surpluses?National security and Senate obstructionism says Costello. How about spending up big?

This article highlights the Howard Government's election strategy. A war chest that will be used to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on aged care, defence and health in an election-year spending blitz. The recent recepients of governmental largesse were the catholic schools, veterans and the sugar industry.

Then we have MedicarePlus. That will cost.

And are they spending the surplus. I heard a figure of around $3.5 billion having been spent so far. But I cannot confirm it.

What it means is that there will not be much surplus left over to spend and that Peter Costello does not control the purse strings.

On another note:
Alan Moir

It is back to normal politics. The Howard Government spending big to neutralize political problems.

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