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Internet: lousy service « Previous | |Next »
April 12, 2004

This is yesterday's post, which I could not make because dialup internet is absolutely hopeless at Victor Harbor.

Take yesterday as an example.

It took me many attempts to access and keep a connection. I kept on being dropped out every 5 minutes. The speeds were slow (down to 2.57 KB/sec) I could not load up papers such as The Washington Post. I could not even access the weblog to post. I tried to download new anti-virus software yesterday--it was to take around 4.5 hours at the 2.57kP/sec internet speed. I had several attempts at downloading the software but the connection dropped out before the 4.5hrs was up. Hopeless, absolutely hopeless.

That was yesterday. I could not even post. It's a joke. Things just seem to get worse not better in terms of the infrastructure. Electricity blackouts are a regular occurrence; the water mains springs a leak about every weak, and the council spraying activities (for weed control on roadside curb) poisons the garden.

This not rural Australia. It is tourist town an hours drive from a capital city. It has a rapidly growing population from the seachange --the shift from the city to the coast. The properties around here are listed from .5 to 1.5 million.

As an aside, the Christian heritage is very strong down here. Alas it is conservative culture. Conservative in the sense of family values, being against abortion, stem cell research and lowering the age of consent for homosexuals, strong religious views, and "faith-based programs to address social welfare issues. God wears a dour face in this neck of the coastline, and he smiles favourably on conservative federal politicians in NSW, such as Tony Abbott, Ross Cameron, Helen Coonan and Bronwyn Bishop who have young Christian right-wingers on their staff.

Back to telecommunications. You can only access broadband in Victor Harbour if you are 3k from the town centre. As we are more than that, we are stuck with dialup. Since that does not work the internet is not really accessible.

So much for the heavily marketed idea of working from the seaside house a few days a week whilst working in town the other three. I've tried it. It is just not possible because the telecommunications infrastructure is not there to enable it.

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