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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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July 23, 2004

The big news in Adelaide is that the Rann Government has added yet another conservative MP to its Ministerial ranks. This move gives Rann a majority on the floor of the House of Assembly in its own right. The media is abuzz.

That takes the power away from Peter Lewis, the Speaker, who has kept the Rann Government in power up to now. Lewis has been cut adrift. He can no longer make or break the Rann Government. The latter are gleeful. The Liberal Party has been locked into years of of opposition. They look to be a sad lot.

This time the addition is the National Party MP for the Chaffey (in the Riverland), Karlene Maywald, who was once tipped to stand against Patrick Secker, the federal MP for Barker. If Maywald went federal, then Chaffey would return to the Libs and upset the delicate power balance on North Terrace. Maywald has been seduced by being appointed Minister for the River Murray, Small Business, Regional development and Consumer Affairs.

Will she do more than John Hill, the previous Minister of the Murray? Lots of talk but little action. Maywald is hot on the Murray but she basically defends irrigator interests in the Riverland and she hasn't pressed to hard to get them to change their bad practices.

The National Party and the ALP joining forces in a non-crisis situation! Doesn't that show how socially conservative the Rann Government actually is. You can hear the ghost of the DLP walking in its ranks. There is lots of law and order, much talk is about doing time for the crime, an indifference to the rehabilitation of prisoners, little concern for the unemployed, no concern for street kids, a failure to improve public health and public education and lots of concerns about ever more censorship.

Is this not an example of the Tweddle Dum Tweddle Dee view of politics? Both parties sit in the middle spin their grey-on-grey policies madly and place a big
emphasis on the personality of their leaders?
July 24
The SA National Party has been suspended from the party's federal structure for being seduced with a ministry and getting into bed with Rann. And so they should be suspended. Is not the ALP the National Party's enemy and the one they are trying to defeat in the federal election? Of course, the SA Nationals are saying that they are deeply committed to supporting the election of the Liberal National Coalition at the federal election.

They would have to say that, don't they. Who are they fooling?
July 27th
One implication of having two non-Labor Ministers in the Rann cabinet is that any social reforms are dead in the water. The Rann Government will now steer a cautions course to avoid any public altercation with Maywald and Rory McEwen. Rann has locked in a parliamentary majority provided they do nothing. So argues No Pokies MP Nick Xenophon.

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