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September 1, 2004

Some journalists are fascinated by the Liberal heartland being in revolt and the possibility of Wentworth being won by the ALP.

However, I found a specific media conference more fascinating. It happened the day after the ALP once again decided that it will not subpoena ministerial aides to appear before a new inquiry into the children overboard affair.

Mediaaph1.jpg Now I did not attend the press conference yesterday, nor did I see it televised.

But did I hear it on the radio whilst in Canberra writing a speech. The news report does not capture what actually happened: the shift in the power dynamics in the Senate from the Democrats to the Greens.

What had started as a joint media conference between two parties to get some oxygen in the election campaign ended up with the Democrats sidelined and silenced whilst the Greens were in the centre debating their polices on drugs with a Herald Sun journalist and the media.

The Democrats, to all intents and purposes, were a political prop for the Greens. Or you could say that the Democrats had a brief ride on the Green's comet.

Welcome to the new balance of power in the Senate arising from the Greens picking up seats at the expense of the Democrats. It is a Green Senate we will be looking at.

So you can see why the Murdoch Press is on the attack. Yesterday it was an attack on the Green's policy to investigate alternatives to the current drugs policy of criminalisation, which results in soaring crime rates, rampant corruption and family tragedy. At the conference the Greens were advocating harm-minimisation.

The Coalition Government is trying to damage Bob Brown by rolling out its negative campaign. The Green-bashing (the Greens are out to destroy our social fabric etc etc) will give the Greens ever more airplay.

That media conference was more informative than The Advertiser's insights into the marginal seat of Adelaide. The insight is at a street talk level and it says that there is a big flight from politics in the seat of Adelaide.

Apparently people are living in their own rave bubbles in Adelaide. They have no problems. They have litttle concern about bettering the lives of others. Apparently, we are quite content living in our rave bubbles. We are cool. We watch Australian Idol and aspire to own digital television with 56 channels on a 128-centimetre flat-screen TV.

Adelaide has been creating national waves lately.

Suprisingly, in one of the most marginal seats in Australia, the ALP has a low presence. Little money has been put into the campaign in Adelaide by the national campaign office. The local campaign has the appearance of being run on a shoestring, with little attention being devoted to local issues. Perhaps the ALP candidate (a political staffer for our neo-liberal state Treasurer who is obsessed with credit ratings) is too busy trying to raise money from chook raffles.

Adelaide is obviously not a priority for the ALP. Is SA a priority for the ALP? Apparently all the campaigns in the marginal Liberal seats are being run on a shoe string.

Alas the Greens have a low presence in the inner city seat of Adelaide, unlike here. What a pity. Democracy requires that we break up the two horse race as much as possible.

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