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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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October 2, 2004

Iraq looms large over the US. It is only background here in Australia as domestic issues have dominated in the federal election, even if the Murdoch papers rave on about Latham's policy of bringing home Australian troops serving in Iraq by Christmas being "cut and run." The Murdoch press is largely pro-Howard and anti-Latham.

I was unable to see the first US presidential debate. The video is here and the transcript is here. This debate was all about foreign policy and national security: 90-minute forum about foreign policy, dominated by Iraq, with Jim Lehrer, a professional journalist, asking the questions. He also composed the questions, which the candidates had not seen. But why have an audience there when they are not allowed to play any part?

Kerry engaged, Bush defended himself. Mr Kerry declared Iraq a "colossal error of judgment", separated the War on Terror from the War in Iraq, and said that the US should do more to assure international support for pre-emptive military action to show the the world that the US intervened in Iraq for legitimate reasons. Kerry's strategy is that the US will leave Iraq and does not want bases is a positive step toward easing the angst of the regional Arab powers.

The consensus says that Kerry won, but it is unclear just how much of Bush's lead he has managed to claw back. The 24-hour news cycle in the US will inform us.

Hm. In the land of the free, the brave and the beautiful the war against terrorism is seen by the Republicans in theological terms as a battle between "the forces of good" and "the forces of evil." The US President often speaks of American policy as proximate to the will of "the Almighty."

In the land of the free the most dynamic political force in America is the Protestant right.This openly seeks to lessen the liberal gap between the political assembly and the pulpit. As much as any Muslim cleric, the Reverend Jerry Falwell and the Reverend Pat Robertson are both political leaders and religious leaders. One of the most important political alliances in America unites right-wing Protestants and orthodox Jews. For theological reasons, both support the state of Israel.

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New comment!

I lost it last night. Too tired. Hence the post 'new comment.'

I sat down late last night to write a post and nothing happened. Just nothing. All the ideas had gone.

It happens.

Figured it was something like that or the technology somewhere along the line

Seems to me that we could solve the de-facto Christian alignment with the Republicans quite easily.

Creation of an Aussie or German styled Christian Democratic Party here in the States would suck the moralists away from the money-grubbers and maybe bring a few realistic God-fearing Democrats over as well. People of faith have no options here. Bush talks a great line to them, but his actions speak louder - and they aren't exactly "Christian" actions. Democratic utopia building is never going to happen either.

Drawing substantial numbers of voters from both sides would create a viable and perhaps even competitive alternative to what we currently have to choose from.

Pipe dreams, perhaps - but all it would take is a compelling candidate to make the case.

Radion Babylon,
it sounds like the Democrat party is in need of reform, if it is to create a viable alternative to the Republcian Party.

Is Democracy being used as A Weapon of Mass Destruction:

Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Holy Roman Empire and Alexander The Great
Exterminate the globe, with extreme prejudice,
A Weapon of Mass Destruction

The European Inquisition, A Weapon of Mass Destruction
The Holy Christian Crusades, A Weapon of Mass Destruction
The Manifest Destiny and land expansion, A Weapon of Mass Destruction

Globalization and commercialization of the many rain forests,
A Weapon of Mass Destruction
Comprehensive sanctions is economic violence,
A Weapon of Mass Destruction

The procreation of religion and God, A Weapon of Mass Destruction
Democratizing the whole world, A Weapon of Mass Destruction
The extermination of The Iroquois Confederation, A Weapon of Mass Destruction
World domination the salvation of, A Weapon of Mass Destruction

War, is the greatest Weapon of Mass Destruction
The justification for annihilation of, The Constitution

The constitution of retribution, the absolution of, A Weapon of Mass Destruction.


Political Picnic

Harvest time in an election year
League of legal lies litigating fear
Processed political peer pressure programs the volunteer
Prison camp indoctrination makes it’s premiere

Psychological nit-picking produces thought reform
Cult-like recruitment, the phenomenal brainstorm
Bureaucratic mind, designed attitudes to conform
Regulated, gun to yo head mentality, the norm

Rape a mind, pick a weapon of control
Systematic extermination of free thought
The civilian death toll

Pick, The pledge of allegiance to human rights, Rationality
Life, liberty, justice, equality for all, the only, Nationality
Pick, The declaration of all human beings are born and
Ordained free
Citizens of the world…not a detainee

Harvest time to reassign the mind

Misconception, stolen election
Political orientation the miseducation
Regulated participation, social sublimation
Pathological prevarication proclamation

It takes an act of congress to define a, word
Military might maintains the handcrafted boy herd


Weaponized Freedom

Wholesale democracy sold as retail
Freedom is incapacitated locked in jail
Liberty in the layaway without bail
War is the prostitute on the campaign trail

Democracy for sale---Democracy for sale
Weaponized free-enterprise, impeached democratized
Imperialism to no avail
Bi-partisan politicians pimping people’s entrails
Democracy for sale---Democracy for sale

Terrorism merchandised to the highest bidder
Political policy a bi-partisan stripper
Free-trade gets paid to get laid
Open door policy is the capitalist’s charade

Civil-War ain’t civil, just barbaric
Collateral casualties are esoteric
Crimes against humanity all so generic

Warmongers copulate war but never bemoan
They pledged alliance to the scull and bones

Democracy for sale—Democracy for sale
Weaponized free-enterprise, impeached democratized
Imperialism to no avail
Bi-partisan politicians pimping people’s entrails