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January 20, 2005

In Washington the Republicans are going to celebrate the inaugral of President Bush's second term big time. The east coast US papers are full of stories about the Republican euphoria sweeping through the capital and painting the town red.

Bush's second term is going to be more focused:


The Republicans promise to overhaul Social Security, cut taxes, and finance the war in Iraq without increasing the budget deficit. Huh? They're dreaming.

I reckon those dreams are going to hit the cold hard reality that reducing the US trade deficit is going to be a very painful process.

But it's party party party in wartime for the funloving Bushie boys and girls. The flagwaving, nationalistic rhetoric is about American liberty depending on spreading freedom to the darkest corners of the world.
What now?

The political reality in Washington is that the poor Democrats are left shivering in the cold rain and snow. They are in a bad shape. As Josh Marshall points out:

the Democrats... [are] completely excluded from power in Washington. The only effective power they have is the ability to deny the president the cover of bipartisanship in enacting his agenda when his agenda conflicts with their fundamental principles ...

Bush will just roll right over the Democrats. And in a sense, why shouldn't he? One doesn't have to see this as a matter of President Bush's excessive partisanship or divisive governing style. True negotiations are seldom possible when there is a fundamental disparity in power between the two sides negotiating, as there is today between President Bush and his Democratic opposition ....

....most of President Bush's major legislation has gone through without 'politics' in this sense of [the organized tussle of debating and changing minds] ever even happening. In almost every case, President Bush had his bill, he had compliant majorities in each chamber, and he just passed it.

Sound familar?

Is this not what is going to happen in Australia after June 30?

Update: 21 Jan
The text of Bush's inaugral speech can be found here.

Underneath the rhetoric is the message: This is a war against terrorism. The naysayers have no credibility. The US has declared war and it is out to get the bad guys. The Iranians are now in the good guy's gun sights.

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