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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

the return of the self same « Previous | |Next »
January 14, 2005

The ALP party machine cannot help themselves can they? Even when their leader is sick they put in the stick. Especially when their leader is sick.

Here they are, once again, tearing themselves to bits in public for all to see. All sorts of resentments, discontents and hatreds are now in play in public for all to see. The factions appear to be out of control.They are feeding the media to create the image of crisis and Latham being political dead meat. The factional machine doesn't seem to care about the effect this self-destructive spectacle has on Australian citizens. All they desire is to put the boot in, even though everyone desperately yearns for unity. They want blood.

This is a political illness.A fallout from a traumatic electoral loss. And it is the party that has created the downward political trajectory that Latham now faces.


Latham appears to be the scapegoat for the discontent and resentment about the state of the ALP. It looks to be deepest amongst the Queensland and NSW right who desire a cross dressed conservative party. New leaders are being drafted.The numbers are being countered. Phones are ringing. Options canvassed. Caucus votes secured.

It is surreal and excessive.

Latham issues a statement saying that he is ill, needs a rest, wants to have a holiday with his family over Xmas and will be back at work at the end of January. He's off the job until Australia Day. Doctor's orders.

The party response? Radical surgery is required. Off with Latham's head. Redemption wil only come from killing off Latham's leadership of the party. It is now just a question of when and how he is to be replaced, and who will replace him. By all accounts this is the only kind of politics fo reconcilation that the party machine understands.

The rationales for the necessary sacrifice are flimsy, nonsensical and self-serving. Latham is damaging the party it is said.

Huh? Is it not the factional-driven spectacle doing the damage? Do the factions think that a disappearing/sick Mark Latham is its only problem? Is there not a small problem of the process of renewal of the party? Is it not the divided party factions creating the Latham vs the party scenario? Was it not the party machine that handed over control of the Senate to the Howard Government?

The ALP is handling the post-election period very badly. As hatred continues to seep out from body of the machine, the party has become a collection of antagonistic, self-moving mechanical parts (factions) that grind against, and then repel, each other.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 2:41 PM | | Comments (0)