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Health care-American Style « Previous | |Next »
March 5, 2005

The fear is that Australia's health system will become increasingly privatised and more like the American model:


We are already on a pathway of creating cost inflation and greater inequity in health care. There is a lot of rhetoric to ensure that this pathway is made politically acceptable.

In Australia we have to subsidize the private health industry.It is a classic example of an industry that offers a poor product and depends on corporate welfare.

The justification? People do not appreciate what is offered unless they pay for it.So say the neo-liberal policy makers and politicians.

Of course, what is forgotten is that we citizens have already paid for a public health system through our taxes.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:44 PM | | Comments (1)


"do not appreciate what is offered unless they pay for it"

Without Medicare and PHI which I have had since 1965, I wouldn't get the opportunity to appreciate very much at all. Although how much longer we can afford PHI on our single income is a big worry. (I don't think people with PHI have realised the recent increase will probably be greater than their mortgage increase.)

Over a 5 year period due to a breakdown, I racked up $75,000 in hospital accomodation bills alone.

Two weeks ago I had a tooth filled at the local village dentist. The bill - $250.00!!

And after a bout with cancer and spending lots of time with Americans on a cancer support list their managed health system is to be avoided AT all costs.

I don't think PHI is the answer because it's like a snowball rolling down a snowy slope.I feel very sorry for people who can't afford it and couldn't pay for the above examples.

I don't know the answers except an increase in Medicare for a start and the cancelling the 30% PHI rebate which only exacerbates the rising PHI costs.

(PS Thanks, Gary, for altering my link once again. I owe you one! :-) )