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Israeli disengagement « Previous | |Next »
April 23, 2005

The process of Israeli disengagement from the Gaza Strip, which involves the relocation of thousands of settlers–--some unwilling--- and their homes, jobs, businesses and schools, has been postponed. The pullback from the Gaza Strip has been delayed until the latter half of August.


So for now the disengagement from Gaza exists only on paper. On the ground, no settler has yet received compensation, even those who agreed to accept compensation are still waiting.

The disengagement plan specifies that "Israel will supervise and guard the external envelope on land, will maintain exclusive control in the air space of Gaza, and will continue to conduct military activities in the sea space of the Gaza Strip". In other words, the Palestinians will be imprisoned from all sides, with no connection to the world, except through Israel. Israel also reserves for itself the right to act militarily inside the Gaza Strip. In return for this "concession", Israel would be permitted to complete the wall and to maintain the situation in the West Bank as is.

That leaves the Palestinian Authority and its leader, Mahmod Abbas, with little authority and power to prevent a descent into the morass of disorder and revolt.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 7:58 PM | | Comments (0)