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booms & skills shortages « Previous | |Next »
April 11, 2005

The talk these days is about the export blocks to minerals from Quarry Australia going to the booming industrial machines of China.The port infrastructure cannot load the increase outflow of minerals (eg. Dalrmple Bay in Queensland is rolled to make this point) to the ships. These now sit offshore for days on end waiting to be loaded. And there is just not enough skilled labour in Queensland and WA to work the big machines during the minerals boom.

The miners are saying the delays, blocks and shortages are causing them to lose big money fast. The Government has to do something quick smart. The nation's economy depends on resolute action.

Hang a mo. Aren't the miners also responsible for training skilled staff in a market economy? Isn't that what the apprenticeship schemes are about? How come the miners are not responsible for the skills shortage? Did they not slash their workforce during the 1990s? Did they not fail to invest in new apprenticeships in the 1990s?

So why aren't the miners pointing their blame finger at themselves? They created their skills mess through bad planning.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:25 AM | | Comments (0)