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April 27, 2005

I first heard it mentioned on Radio National as Tim Fisher's big idea. What wass presented was Australia's version of a Mt Rushmore-style rock carving as a memorial to Sir John Monash, one of Australia's more successful generals from World War One.

The former deputy prime minister has even selected a possible site for the gigantic rock carving - just below the snow line in Victoria's High Country.


I think that we can let that big idea float bye don't you. There must be other ways of honouring Monash.

And Tim Fisher? Well I read his book Outback Heroes. T'was about the struggle for survival of small Australian towns, why some are succeeding and some didn't, positive thinking, the will to succeed, and our dreams becoming reality.

McLaren Vale featured in the book with Fisher celebrating the innovative export-orientated wineries. He gave an upbeat account without even considering the sustainable use of ground water in the McLaren basin. Yet the basin had been run dry from overuse. Sustainability was not a big concern for the ex-Leader of the National Party.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 4:32 PM | | Comments (6)


Yes, forget Monash.

But let's go with the Howard idea on Ayers Rock. Nice.

So what will they do about Menzies? He needs to suitably honoured as well.

Any suggestions?

Fantastic idea for you to engage in a good healing with Howard wbb, even if saying sorry is all a bit much for you like some say here.

I cannot see the connection between Tim Fisher, Mt Rushmore, Ayers Rock, John Howard, Geoff Clark and reconciliation myself.

Do enlighten me if you have a mo.

"But let's go with the Howard idea on Ayers Rock. Nice."

Gary, I just thought wbb was really getting into the new spirit of 'National Healing' here, rather than being 'Sorry' about Howard. Perhaps loving thine enemy to death(or retirement)just might work for wbb.

The article I linked to isn't working, which seems to be a bit of a problem with very current news links. Perhaps they occasionally alter them after posting a news item? The linked article was about the change of name from National Sorry Day to National Healing Day.

the link is working now.