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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

there's bile and there's bile « Previous | |Next »
June 29, 2005

Like many in the ALP the Canberra Press Gallery has really turned against Latham. The Australian's front-page frenzy on Monday comes to mind. Why this kind of attack when there is a lot of truth in what Latham is saying about the current state of play for the ALP?

Is not the current ALP a very conservative institution, run by conservative machine men from all factions? Is not the inner workings of the ALP ruled by machine politics? Has not the ALP become a machine political party, with each little union and each state and territory having its own little powerbrokers and machine representatives in federal caucus? This gives the appearance that far from the ALP being a viable, electable political outfit, it is a mess.

Latham's plain speaking is what is needed. The forthcoming Latham diaries are going to be a great read.

Presumably, the Press Gallery do not like the way the truth is said--its the bile. They reduce it all to character and say the man is sick: roughly he's a depressed, tortured soul overcome with bitterness and anger.


What is wrong with a bit of biff and blowtorch to the belly. That's standard ALP politics isn't it? You know, if the heat in the kitchen is too much for the right to bear, then.....?

There are different kinds of bile. One kind is the response from the conservative right factions of the ALP (eg.,NSW & Queensland) over the last couple of days, which blames the leader, not the party, for their election loss. Whose living with the delusions here? Shouldn't they be reflecting on their own hysteria and angst---recall the use of "a Labor rat" and being lower than a dog?

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