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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

question mark over NSW ALP « Previous | |Next »
July 31, 2005

What we have in Australia is a cluster of solid, pragmatic Labor governments at state level, many with solid electoral cushions. Within the state level of federalism in the last decade there has been a great transfer of power and influence to NSW (financial and corporate) in the history of Federation.

Sydney is now pre-eminent. It has become a global city in the Asia-Pacific. Melbourne and Brisbane are provincal cities. Adelaide, Canberra and Hobart are country towns. Perth I presume is a provincal city.

Mike Steketee, writing in The Australian, says that all the state ALP:

"...premiers have attracted the criticism that they run do-nothing governments, a perception that seems to do them no harm politically although it is an oversimplification. Carr took key policy initiatives in education and the environment as well as in less heralded areas such as drug treatment and early intervention programs for disadvantaged children.

Does that mean NSW is still the engine room of the Australian economy?


Steketee says thatsocial justice has gone missing in NSW:

"...particularly for a Labor premier, there was much that was neglected. Gary Moore, of the NSW Council of Social Service, says less has been done in NSW than other states to supply affordable housing for low-income earners, although the problem in Sydney is much worse. The same applies to public dental programs and mental health, he says."

And the disabled, it should be added. Unsuprising really, as we are talking about the NSW Right machine. They have a reputation of the self-interested power holders being more concerned with diving up the spoils of office than the long term interests of the state.

The NSW Carr government has become managers and administrators with Carr's administration being marked by mismangement.The style of politics It looks set to continue with that after Carr kisses politics goodbye.

Update: 3 August 2005
I see the NSW Labor Government is trying to look refreshed and different. Despite the cleanout it looks a weak government to me--not a reformist one. It is one living in fear of losing the next election, and so it will be steady as she goes, don't upset anybody, buy off the sectional interests, keep the punters onside. Smile smile smile.

The work of the NSW Right has always struck me as being like that of the mafia. It's about business of spoils, not better public transport, shorter hospital queues, and less water restrictions.

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