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Israel: false promises « Previous | |Next »
September 26, 2005

The Israeli government's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip (a tiny strip of land, a mere 5 miles by 25 miles) was primarily for security reasons but it promised peace. The dream of settlement and expansion, which in many ways defined Zionist Israel, could not be sustained there. Israel could not have hung on to Gaza for ever.

Hasan Abu Nimah argues that the Sharon Government:

realised that the stubborn insistence to keep fewer than 8,000 of its settlers amongst 1.3 million devastated, impoverished and mostly displaced Palestinians, in the most densely populated area in the world, has become a huge burden. Israel decided to withdraw the settlers and has now completed the move. As was the case in Lebanon, Israel sought to present its decision as a gesture for peace, rather than a security necessity, or, worse, rather than have it be seen as a defeat imposed upon them by Hamas and the other resistance factions.


The rest of the Palestinian territories -- the West Bank, including East Jerusalem -- remain occupied. As this article, states the Gaza withdrawal masks other developments by Israel that do not promise peace in the region:

Israel has been expanding the settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem where 400,000 settlers live. Sharon hinted long ago, that as part of the bargain, if Israel gets out of Gaza (just 3% of Palestinian territory), Israel will regard the five major settlement blocs in the West Bank as a permanent part of Israel, a move which defies all international norms and laws. Hundreds of new apartments are being built in the settlements which run a ring around Jerusalem, and penetrate deep - sometimes 20 km - into the West Bank. These settlements already carve up the land with a web of 'Jew-only' roads and hundreds of checkpoints, confining 2.5 million Palestinians to physical enclaves from which they are unable to escape and in which they cannot make a living.

This is the reality on the ground.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:39 PM | | Comments (2)


I guess we will juat have to wait and watch. Maybe something positive will really come out of all this.

Maybe, maybe.