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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

corruption in high places « Previous | |Next »
October 12, 2005

As the Crikey Daily observed 'Bob Carr's decision to join Macquarie Bank so soon after retiring as NSW Premier is a disgrace.' Rightly judged.

Bill Leak

Crikey comments that 'you can't blame the suits for trying to maximise their position. The problem lies with the money-hungry politicians who are members of a political duopoly that seemingly adopts an anything goes approach.' That is so. Often you get the impression that the government ministers are busy working for the suits when they are in office. And that corruption of public office goes for their staff as well. The payoff is the good job afterwards.

There another form of corruption. This is the corporate greed associated with tollways such as the Cross City Tunnel with an initial toll of $3.53 for a cross-city journey. $7.00 return. $35 a weekfor commuters. That is to be achieved by force traffic to use the Cross City Tunnel by intentionally increasing congestion on the routes on which congestion was to be relieved, thereby blighting urban life in the congested streets.
Paul Sheehan states:

Apparently the [state] Government, the RTA [Roads and Traffic Authority], the Lord Mayor and the developers believed the punters could be forced into paying twice what they think is fair by having all their options closed or choked. That's why this is social engineering, not traffic engineering. Did the issue of public fairness never occur to them?

The officials who signed off on this vision of building the tunnel and blocking the major artery of William Street and other streets in and around the CBD have all moved on - the former premier Bob Carr, the former lord mayor Frank Sartor, and the former transport minister Carl Scully - leaving the public to pay for this tunnel, one way or another.

Social engineering? Why not call it by its right name. Corrruption?

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