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a future challenge for Australian conservatism « Previous | |Next »
November 26, 2005

I watch the argy bargy of the Queensland Nationals and Liberals from a distance without really gaining in understanding why we have this:


Even reading Ambit Gamit fails to explain the self-destruction.

What I see is a fracture line within Australian conservatism with a lot of sharp edges.

But on the self-understanding of Australian conservatism , as understood by the Institute of Public Affairs --eg., smaller, less instrusive government and restoring the pre-eminence of personal responsibility and self-reliance in Australian society--- there should be unity.

Unless of course that self-understanding is wrong. Conservatism is not neo-liberalism---ie, market liberalism--as it is concerned with multiculturalism, the national security state, aboriginal land rights, national cohesion, nationalism, universities, culture, morality etc etc.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 7:44 AM | | Comments (3)


I am hoping more and more that Queensland provincialism will be the saviour of the federal system. Maybe the Westralians can join in as well.

Barnaby Joyce is certainly very strong on defending Queensland's interests in the federal system. He is always going back to consult with his Queensland National colleagues on the issues. Very commendable.

Joyce also defends the strong role of the Senate as a House of Review. He isn't in favour of 600 pages of IR legislation being rushed through. Howver,the changes are to the symbols--not making Xmas Day, Boxing Day and Good Friday like any other day.

In contrast, the Nationals in the House of Representatives are clones of the Liberals. They just go along with everythin--with little concern being shown to moderate the impact of the IR legislation on the poor, vulnerable and families.

I thought they were all strong Christians-- so why trash Good Friday? What has happened to their family values they profess to uphold?

Gary, The Nationals are supposedly the only federalist party left, all others have either policies, or have come out saying that the states should be dissolved.