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Adelaide locked down « Previous | |Next »
November 17, 2005

U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is visiting Adelaide for an Australia-U.S. Ministerial Meeting (AusMin) with Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer and Defence Minister Robert Hill. The aim of the meeting is to enhance the cooperation in the war on terrorism, promotion of democracy and security in Iraq, Afghanistan and south east Asia and responses to the potential for an avian influenza pandemic. It sounds like greater integration of Australia into the US defence infrastructure to me.

Pryor, Rumsfield in Adelaide

No peaceful protests were initially allowed, then parliamentary officials saw sense and lifted a ban. The police said they were ready for anything, including protests and a potential terrorist attack. Everybody needs to take a cold shower.

I notice that the Ministerial Meeting (AusMin) is not discussing concrete steps toward troop withdrawals in Iraq. Shouldn't they be concerned to provide more clarity on how the US intends to exit an Iraq divided against itself? Nor are they acknowledging that the Bush administration has created a "failed state" in the heart of the richest oil lands of the planet. Iraq is now largely an anarchic world where the delivery of such basics of modern life as electricity and potable water (or water of any kind) are no longer givens.

'Staying the course' in Iraq is no longer an option, given the marked misgivings about the war in the US, the American political debate having shifted to how to get out of Iraq and Bush ratings in free fall. Is this the first signs of the Bush administration imploding? It already has a bunker mentality, the largely bipartisan consensus on the war has collapsed, and the spectres of Vietnam and Watergate haunt Washington.

Of course, the Australian neo-cons cover the imperial retreat from Iraq by saying that the close alliance with the US means that this connection augments Australian power in a world of nations. What Australia should do is aim for national greatness----to be a big, strong nation. That means to have an ambition to become an imperial power, doesn't it. Doesn't it?

Rumsfeld and Cheney still control the levers of power within the Bush Administration. They are still dedicated to imposing "regime change" throughout the Middle East to install governments subservient to the United States. They remain in a position to manipulate evidence and provoke incidents--even to entangle the US in a new war with Syria or Iran--- and to continue the about smearing and deception campaign by senior administration officials.

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