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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

The Australian's deception « Previous | |Next »
November 5, 2005

The Murdoch media has been aggressively in favour of the war in Iraq, the war on terror and a strong national security state. Most of the "arguments" in favour have been poor and deceptive as they have been more partisan polemic than arguments. The purpose is to rally the fearful people around the strong leader by invoking threats and dangers from within and without, real or imagined.

A recent example is the way The Australian "argues" in favour of the new anti-terrorism legislation tabled in Parliament by the Howard Government. Consider this editorial:

With bipartisan state and federal support for proposed legislation to combat terrorism, it is time the self-appointed liberty lobby proclaimed its priorities. ....Rather than a grab for power, the planned laws are the work of a government trying to meet its fundamental responsibility to the people it is charged with protecting: all Australians. Without security in our persons and property, we have no hope of exercising all our rights as citizens. And without a national commitment to security for all Australians, the promise of economic opportunity and the prosperity it can provide is worthless. The fundamental issue in the debate on the terror laws is whether the civil liberties of a tiny handful of people who will kill us if they can are more important than Australians' right to live in peace and freedom.

This is deceptive because the critics are defending the rule of law, our civil rights as citizens and our freedoms as Australian citizens. These rights and freedoms are what is being whittled away by the national security state wearing the mask of Leviathan.

That whittling away of our civil liberties and the rule of law is the fundamental issue. It is not the rights of 'a tiny handful of people who will kill us if they can' being more important than the rights of the Australian people to live a free life.

The Australian is partisan because it is promoting fear of terrorists in an attempt to justify bad laws. It is abusing its media power to withhold, manipulate and distort information provided to the public, whilst falsehoods and propaganda is disseminated.

Such practices are intrinsically anti-democratic.The Australian's 'strong national security state ' is an authoritarian one. It is Leviathan because it is effectively allowing the executive to set up a regime of detention for Australian citizens.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 1:33 PM | | Comments (1)


The following hypothetical news bulletin (article) I could see eventuating;
Start hypothetical news bulletin
Last night, soldiers at the Melbourne Spencer Street Station suspecting a man to be a terrorist, trying to take a container from the inside of his rain jacked shot and killed the man and his 6 month old baby that was being carried in a backpack seat. The soldiers apparently mistook the fathers intent to give the child a feeding bottle to that he was about to explode a grenade, not realising the child was in the backpack seat. The Victorian government has suspended further Commonwealth games because Melbourne is on burning, and so all other major cities around the country as the anger of the killings has swept around the nation. The father appears to have been an Australian of the Jewish faith and was mistaken for being a Muslim, because of the beard. His wife is in critical condition in hospital, but it appears that the dead body of her husband, who was killed instantly, saved her life by pushing her body sidewards causing one of the bullets to just injure her on the side of her head, albeit other bullets did cause life threatening injuries.
Close circuit camera’s have revealed that the father was trying to give the mother the bottle and she went to stand partially in front of him as to then give it to the baby, and this appears to have been deemed suspicious by soldiers not realising that there was a baby on the back of the father, with his head covered to shield it from the rain. The crowd lynched the soldiers, and their bodies are still hanging in the station. A gas and a petrol tanker were commandeered to the Bourke Street Mall and once the petrol was allowed to flow and ignited it didn’t take to long for both tankers to be engulfed in flames and both exploded, destroying the buildings around.
It has been reported that this same tactic was used shortly thereafter in all major cities, and therefore the police suspect that this was an organised event, but may have been merely a spontaneous organised events.

Lieutenant General Mark John Youngster (fictitious name, as secrecy laws prevent using real identities) has ordered all armed troops to remain within their barracks, because there likely would be more harm resulting if troops were to intervene. The SHOOT-TO-KILL policy has resulted that many of the officers are refusing to instruct their man to do so for fear that they could be charged for crimes if people were to be killed. For some time the armed forces have indicated to be concerned about the constitutional validity of the SHOOT-TO-KILL policy against Australians, and the Nuremberg trials are held as an example.
The Parliament House is basically burned down to the ground and none of the members of the Government can be traced, not even the leader of the opposition which is also demanded to be hand over for what the crowd claims is his betrayer of the people to go along with the Government for those draconic laws.
State governments are powerless to stop the rampaging, and have instructed their police force not to take weapons onto the street in fear that the protesters may use the weapons instead.
Runways at airports are being destroyed, by backhoe’s being used to damage the runways, in an apparent attempt to prevent the armed forces to use the airports. Some planes are on fire also.
The anti terrorist forces are totally outnumbered and have been withdrawn from the streets.
The Victorian government has announced it will not seek to intervene in the riots but ask people to return to their homes and it will refuse any further armed forces to be in the State of Victoria.
It is expected that other States may follow suit to ban the use of armed forces within the States as clearly this seems to be the underlying problem throughout the country.
It is expected that the government members will be flown out of the country, from a secret base, as most of their residents are already engulfed in fires, making it too dangerous for them to return. It is understood that the government will resign today as the rioters are demanding that it vacate it powers as it was never properly elected. With the leader of the Opposition also being in hiding, the country is without any credible opposition and so alternative government.
Our Canberra based reporter has indicated that the people demand that they are allowed to elected members to parliament as they deem fit without manipulation or other interferences by the Government of the Day as is guaranteed in the Constitution.

Several State Government are also on the brink of resignation for having in the first place allowed the armed forces to operate within the States and allowed to use the SHOOT TO KILL policy upon peace loving citizens. What we are seeing is a destruction of most capital cities and it would be beyond any police force to stop this. It appears to be the expression of a build up of ongoing anger and the killing of the baby and its father seemed to have been the trigger.

In Melbourne construction vehicles are being rammed into corner pylons and some of the buildings collapsing because of the damage to the pylons are being celebrated by the rioters.
This is not an ordinary, if such thing exist, of a riot, neither anywhere like the Paris riots, it is totally different in that it is directed against government buildings and large corporate buildings yet extra ordinary court building are saved. Indeed, the mob are determined to protect those building, as somehow being a symbol that they will pursue justice!
This is not riots against whomever, as like in France, but this appears to be as a groundswell of anger around the nation directed to the government specifically for what is claimed the robbing of their rights of the people. The atmosphere is like that of an end of the war celebration, if that is to be used to compare with, where the people want to throw of the shackles of government, and want to take back their constitutional rights of political and religious freedom and liberty. Something like the French Rebellion against the elite.

In all the mayhem around the country it is remarkable that besides the father and child killed by the soldiers, and they in turn having been lynched, rioters around the country empty buildings of people before putting them on fire, and by this the further loss of life is sought to be avoided. As such, despite that the riots are in all States without any central organization it is clear that the modus operandi that has swept the country is to take on those in Government who abused their power but not the people themselves. Indeed, ordinary vehicles are not set alight, in contrast to the Paris riots, and this makes this kind of riot even more remarkable. It seems to be a riot by the people for the people, where no harm is intended against the community.
“AUSTRALIA IS BURNING”, and so on a grand scale, and there ought to be little doubt that never again would likely any future government want to have draconic legislation against the people of SHOOT-TO-KILL, or to detain them without DUE PROCESS OF LAW. It seems it are the people who demand proper law enforcement and to be free from the uncertainty of being secretly detained, tortured and perhaps executed. Without doubt, the final damage bill of the riots, when they finally may subside might be considerable, but it ought to be questioned if this could not all have been avoided has in the first place those draconic laws not been put in place.
As our reporter in Sydney indicated, the leader in the riot there was detained and lost his job as result and so his house because he had failed to make payments as result, while he was innocent of any wrongdoing and this was to pay back the government for what they did to him. They had destroyed his life and he seeks avengement against the governments for allowing this to happen.

And reports from other major cities produce likewise stories where people had their love ones disappearing without a trace, and some had their corpses found, with marks of torture, and they blame the government for having allowed this kind of fascism conduct to operate.
What is clear, the rioters are seeking a leader who can take over and simply can provide them with what they were accustomed with a laidback I am alright Ausie life, without fear they might be next detained, tortured, and even murdered.
With a distrust for the Leader of the Opposition, and no government in power, the search is on for someone who can just give the people what every law abiding citizen is really normally entitled upon, proper leadership for the good of the nation.

Yes, “AUSTRALIA IS BURNING”, but it is like a volcano that finally busted after a build up of dissatisfaction. If just there had been proper leadership in the first place to avoid this build up and it all could have been avoided. If just politicians had done what they were elected for, to represent the people, it could all have remained to be so peaceful. If just….
End hypothetical news bulletin