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Queensland health « Previous | |Next »
December 1, 2005

The Davis Report into Dr Jayant Patel, the rogue surgeon whoss botched operations at Bundaberg Hospital resulted in at least 13 deaths, highlights the mess the state's health system is in. There is a culture of coverup in political, administrative and medical culture, chronic underfunding of the hospital system, and a lack of concern to keep the population healthy.

Inquiry commissioner Geoff Davies, QC, stated that the culture of secrecy involved:

"... involved a blatant exercise of secreting information from public gaze for no reason other than that the disclosure of the information might be embarrassing to government...This culture started at the top, with successive governments misusing the Freedom of Information Act to enable potentially embarrassing information to be concealed from the public. Unsurprisingly, Queensland Health adopted a similar approach, and because inadequate budgets meant that there would be inadequate health care, there was quite a lot to conceal. Again unsurprisingly, the same approach was adopted by administrators in public hospitals, and this, in turn, led to threats of retribution to those who saw it as their duty to complain about inadequate health care."


The health system is a mess yet Peter Beattie, the Queensland Premier, is calling for more funds, not ways to keep the population healthy even though obesity is looming on the horizon as a major health issue. Obesity is still ignored as an illness. Health and medical professions concentrate on treating its results---heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, gallstones, sleep apnoea, bowel cancer, etc. Yet obesity is a preventable disease through changes in diet and by becoming more physically active. It is spreventable because the main causes of obesity are sedentary lifestyles and high fat, energy dense diets.

The health promotion approach--giving out healthy lifestyle messages-- has failed whilst the weight loss medications is that they’re used as a way of avoiding getting exercise and eating less. ye te Premier never mentions health in terms of lifestyle modification.

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