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December 4, 2005

I'm down at Victor Harbor this weekend. SoI am forced to use dialup because there is no broadband access. It is very difficult to search the web for ground breaaking op.ed. commentaryor investtgative journalism, so I will make do with this witty comment on the IR legislation.

Matt Golding

I watched the Walkley Awards on SBS last Thursday night. It was a gala ceremony of celebration of excellence in journalism that defended the craft involved in producing the best stories--those that governments, bureaucracies, institutions or crooks want to keep away from the public.

Suprisingly, very little of the finalists work is online.

I was suprised at the liimited awards for cartoonists and they limited presentation of the cartoons entered for the awards. It was mostly about classic investigative journalism--print and visual --with a peer emphasis on stories that throw up technical, physical and cultural challenges in foreign disaster zones, rather than the classic telephone and internet office investigation back in Australia.

Should not both kinds should be celebrated and rewarded?

I found the event rather conservative in its understanding of the media and the way the "media landscape is changing. There was no acknowledging the existence of the new internet forms of media, or the newly emerging journalism that keep the public cyberspace open and vibrant. But then bloggers are not journalists are they? Blogging undermines the conventional objectivity of journalism and thus undercuts journalistic credibility.

Do not alternative news sites and blogs have an impact on politics, power and news consumption? Are not newspapers going increasingly online?

It strikes me that the political media spin machine has reached the stage were it, more or less, runs the media and it produces the self-enclosed world of distorting mirrors that is then taken for reality. Reality is what appears in the media's headlines.

Are not alternative media and blogs becoming the alternative outlets that can deflect spin and provide a credible criticism of the journalists that stay on the PR machine's message as articulated by the media minders and media trainers? Yet The Age cannot keep its media blog going once Hugh Martin left.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:12 AM | | Comments (1)


The Walkley's is supposed the celebrate the best of Australia's journalism but all it really is is an excuse for a bunch of badly dressed journalists to get drunk. The biffo on stage by Milne purely exemplified what a horrid breed journo's really are. The Walkley's is about self-flagulation...journo's giving their mate journo's awards...if you don't kiss the asses of your journo mates no matter how talented you are you will never get that ugly Walkley award. And if you are not properly part of the system ie. a freelance journo - you can just about forget ever even getting a nomination let alone getting the ugly award. The Walkley Board are a bunch of self-important journo's who think they're Gods but really they're just a bunch of washed up has beens who dress badly. Fuck the Walkleys!