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Kyoto lite « Previous | |Next »
January 10, 2006

I see that Leslie Kemeny is continuing to do his public relations for Big Energy's conception of Kyoto lite. Writing in todays Australian newspaper Kemeny states:

Astute observers of Kyoto consider that there is considerable merit in the Asia-Pacific Partnership model. Scientists and engineers believe that post 2012, the only way forward in the spirit of the Kyoto treaty will be the adoption of a "clean development" mechanism. This represents a mode of operation whereby members of the partnership assist each other in technology transfer appropriate to the needs, economies and development goals of the constituent countries.

Technology transfers are already built into the Kyoto protocol. The European Union and China have already signed an agreement to develop new and existing clean energy technologies and China has a strong renewable energy program.

Kenemy, however, dismisses Kyoto as 'coercive utopian green politics'. He just ignores the market mechanisms built into Kyoto that enable emissions trading and a 'carbon trading' market that is worth $3.7 billion a year.

Bill Leak

The real point of Kemeny's spruiking is to push big nuclear energy as the only solution to Greenhouse gas emissions and global warming:

Most energy experts now believe that the only effective solution to greenhouse gas minimisation and climate change is the global acceptance of nuclear power technology.

Do we have global acceptance? Is it on the horizon? Or is this more nuclear dreaming?

Kemeny says that Tony Blair is backing plans to recommence building nuclear power stations in the UK, as he is convinced that nuclear power is the only way to secure energy needs and to meet Britain's commitments to reduce carbon emissions.

Kemeny's assumption is that nuclear power is a zero carbon-energy source.To Kemeny's language most energy experts now believe this assumption is false.

My response is let the free market build nuclear power stations. Why is the government needed? Shouldn't the government be getting out of the way so the free market can do its thing?

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