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February 3, 2006

Whilst I've been away holiday in Tasmania for the last week I see that the inquiry into the Australian Wheat Board (AWB) is closing in around the Howard Government:

Alan Moir

The Government's message has been that it didn't know about the kickbacks and that the AWB had never let the Government know it was involved in kickbacks.

Of course we citizens suspected the Howard Government knew about the kickbacks, bribes and corruption. And the evidence?

The evidence is beginning to drrip. The first thing that I saw in the media when I stepped out of the wilderness was an old headline that Michael Thawley, the former Australian Ambassador to the US, had successfully lobbied Congress against a Senate probe/investigation into AWB's deals in Iraq. Thawley, a Howard man, would have been acting on instructions from Canberra to make representations to Senator Coleman to stop his subcommittee investigating the AWB scam. Thawley's riding instructions would have been to keep the lid on AWB's Iraq kickbacks.

Tis about time the scope of the Cole Inquiry into into Australia's alleged abuse of the UN's Iraq oil-for-food program is widened to include the conduct of Howard Government's Mnisters, MInisterial staffers the Canberra bureaucracy and the diplomats. Tis about time some of the AWB's senior executives come clean and blow the whistle. They've got nothing to lose. Their careers are finished, as is the AWB as a single desk market for wheat.

I've no idea what the ALP has been saying. I presume they've been going for it hammer and tongs looking for the smoking gun?

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