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India & US nuclear deal « Previous | |Next »
March 24, 2006

From all accounts the Howard Government is drifting towards getting onboard with the American nuclear deal signmed in early March with India. Under a plan formally agreed when Bush met with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the United States would help India build nuclear power plants. India would permit inspections of its civilian reactors, but there would be no oversight of its nuclear-weapons program.

Gary Markstein

The Bush administration has now asked the US Congress to exempt India from provisions of the Atomic Energy Act that curb trade with nations not party to nuclear treaties, as India is not a signatory of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

I find this deal disturbing because the nuclear cooperation between the United States and India does not conform to the rules of the global non-proliferation regime.

Unlike Iran, India is a nuclear weapon state outside the non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) and Washington, driven by geopolitical considerations to contain China, is arguing that India is the "nuclear exception". The key problem with the American deal is the failure by India to give a commitment to freeze production of fissible material for nuclear weapons. Australia is giving every sign of being comfortable with the lack of a cap on India's bomb-making fissible material.

The implication is that US and Australia----tagging along as usual ---is relaxed and comfortable with the further expansion of India's nuclear arsenal.

Where in the hell is the ALP on this? Why aren't they highlighting the double standards involved in the way the US deals with Iran and India over the nuclear issue?

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 1:02 PM | | Comments (6)


So the Bush administration has told congress to exempt India from the provisions of the Atomic Energy Act that curb trade with nations not party to nuclear treaty's,cause India didn't sign the non proliferation treaty.Umm me thinks it a bit late,being the Genie (Indian one of course not heaven forbid, an Islamic one not withstanding Pakistan))is out of the bottle.The re-action of the Bush administration to the fact that India and Pakistan has the bomb is worthy of a scetch by one of my hero's Spike Milligan and the Goons.I bet the poor shmuck at the C.I.A. that let this lot under their radar is dressed up as a Penguin at the South Pole some where?..spying on the Japenese whalers.Sorry being a republican administration probably Green Peace.Of course what makes all of this funnier than a barrel of monkey's Bush thinks India is part of Indianna.What are we gonna do when Bush retires?politics is gonna be as boring as bat shit.Oh by the way Gary,Im on the piss tonight at home,can't take anything serious.

here is a little something for you in a post hangover state. You can take it as a blackjoke if you like.

In the weekend AFR Ted Lapkin, director of policy analysis at the Australian/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council says this at the end of an reasonable objective account of the Israeli election campaign:

The Middle East has no shortage of strife and conflict.But the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iranian mullaah-cracy dwarfs all other regional trials and tribulations. For all our sakes, Tehran's drive to acquire nuclear weapons must be stopped by diplomacy if possinble, but by force if necessay.

The war drums are beating yet again and Lapkin is beating them hard.

What Lapkin doesn't say is that the diplomatic route is seen by the Bush administration as the route of appeasement.The message is Iran is governed by a zealot who has pledged to eradicate Israel and who firmly believes in the inherent evil of the United States of America. It all points to the necessity of force for this is a region run by thugs--apart from the shining light of a democratic Israel of course.

Gary,In my opinion Irans fate is set in stone.The Jewish lobby in New York has decided Ahmadinejad must go, and the Neocons have been given their orders to carry it out.As you say the drums of war are beating and they become louder by the day.I believe an attack on Iran is imminent.They must begin the campaign before the Bush administration is swept into the dustbin of history,with the coming elections in the States.When Iran turns into another fiasco,after Abmadinejad is gone.The current Bush administation will carry the can for it,and the real Jewish lobby's friends the Democrats will be able to escape some what the wrath of the Americasn people which will surelly follow this next episode of democracy wars.Of course people like myself who believe there is an alternate path to peace by diplomacy will be held in the usual contempt and be labelled anti semitic.

Boy, you guys sure have some nuts 'n' bolts loose. Comparing INdia with Iran is a joke, there is absolutely no basis for comparison. India is, has always been and will always be a stable democracy. Iran is yet another authoritarion islamic theocracy. India may not have signed the NPT but I believe actions speak louder than merely signing on a piece of parchment. India is in compliance with the NPT in spirit unlike China & Pakistan. I dont agree with Bush on most counts but surely you should give the chap his due, this is a win-win deal for both countries. For India, its yet another step in the climb to its rightful place in the world. For US, its a strategic investment and expression of commitment to a like minded future power. Speaking of Australia, she has no qualms in getting to bed with authoritarian China and becoming her whore. Maybe you should start debating about that before you start on India and this deal.

Hey Chandan,chill out me old mate"lose nuts & bolts" indeed.Look,just for the record no country should have Oppenheimers little toy.I lose sleep at night knowing George Bush could bring Armageddon down on the world.Now having said that,India!You Sir must be joking to assert that India has always been and will always be a stable democracy.From that statement I can only assume, 1.You have never read an history book. 2. You have a crystal ball and can see into the future.Now correct me if I am wrong isnt India where infanticide is still carried out on female children?.Isnt India,according to you finding its righful place as a worlds power,where people are still starving to death.Isnt India where Aids is spreading faster than the common cold?.Isnt India the only place on the planet that the pollution can be photographed from outer space?.But with all its problems,Ah yes India, we have the bomb,and by God it wasn't very long ago the world was holding its breath that an nuclear exchange was going to take place between India and Pakistan.India with the bomb?It is you Sir that is joking.As for Australia cosying up to China as a whore What do you suggest every time we disagree with them? we declare war on them?. Of course India tried this didn't they and look what happened.See a couple of paragraphs from you, and I know where you are coming from.I have already printed my responce to any further correspondence from you.


the post was about the contradictions in US foreign policy rather than starting on a criticism of India in relation to its growing energy demands or nuclear power ambitions.

Your comment:

Speaking of Australia, she has no qualms in getting to bed with authoritarian China and becoming her whore

is a cheap shot for several reasons.

Australia is in the process of selling uranium to both China and India. The Australian Government thinks that the US India deal is a good one. India is being dealt with in this energy to further US policy to contain China.

Is not a natural gas pipeline ($7 billion) being constructed from Iran through Pakistan to India? Is it not India who is importing Iranian gas with Pakistan being importing.