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Iran: on the way to war? « Previous | |Next »
March 11, 2006

There is increasing talk in the media about the possibility of an air attack on Iran by Israeli or US forces would be aimed at setting back Iran’s nuclear programme by at least five years. It indicates that a diplomatic solution to the profound differences between Washington and Tehran is becoming progressively less likely. As major difficulties persist and possibly intensify, the possibility of military action by the United States or Israel increases. Presumably, a US attack, which would be larger than anything Israel could mount, would also involve comprehensive destruction of Iranian air defence capabilities and attacks designed to pre-empt Iranian retaliation.

Amin Saikal, writing in The Age, says that if:

Washington and some of its allies, especially Israel, think that they can pressure the Iranian Islamic regime into submission on its nuclear program, they may find that they have been mistaken. Iranian Islamist leaders - whether hardline or moderate - are now united on the nuclear issue and have successfully turned it into a symbol of Iran's historical struggle in support of preserving its national identity and independence. Most Iranians have viewed their Government's stand as rightful against what they perceive to be a growing American and Israeli threat. The more the US threatens Iran, the more it is likely to unite the Iranians behind the Islamic leadership, irrespective of their internal differences and misgivings about the regime.

Michael Ramirez

A military operation against Iran would not be a short-term matter as it would set in motion a complex and long-lasting confrontation. An attack on Iranian nuclear infrastructure would signal the start of a protracted military confrontation that would probably grow to involve Iraq, Israel and Lebanon, as well as the USA and Iran.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:57 AM | | Comments (0)