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Israeli elections « Previous | |Next »
March 29, 2006

The news tonight is that Kadima has won the Israeli election but with lower than expected seats. and So Kadima has to form a Coalition, maybe with a revitalised Labor, plus others--but who? Does this victory mean a mandate for dismantling settlements? Or a mandate for unilateral action?

Probably. That means the legitimacy of Jewish settlements throughout the West Bank is now well and truly in question.

The rise of the Pensioners Party indicates a protest of the way the elderly have been treated. Linda Grant says that it has to do with economics:

The bitterness and anger they feel at the robbing of their benefits by Netanyahu's Thatcherite economic programmes, their poverty, their humiliating dependence on the kindness of strangers, is an indication of the depths of their betrayal by the state they made; by a government who robbed them blind to hand over their pensions to settlement construction, to give tax rebates and mortgage relief to fanatics who don't give a damn about the state of Israel and its inhabitants, only the land of Israel, this little bit of turf right here that the Torah mentions. Holy ground and to hell with you, whether it's your olive trees growing on what under international law is Palestinian soil, or .you are 75 years old with a bag of rusty medals, struggling to keep warm in winter on the coastal plain.

The other suprise is the strength of the Israeli Right---Israel Our Home--- and its nationalist vision of a greater Israel, despite the humiliating collapse of the Likud, which three months ago was the ruling party. Likud under Benjamin Netanyahu, was shown the exit yesterday by an electorate that relegated the party to opposition, and to fifth place among the contending parties.

In Australia Daniel Pipes, writing inThe Australian, (29 March) comments on the Israeli election:

As Israelis go to the polls, not one of the leading parties offers the option of winning the war against the Palestinians. It's a striking and dangerous lacuna....The Oslo diplomacy ended in dismal failure and so will all of the other schemes that avoid the hard work of winning. Israelis must eventually gird themselves to resuming the difficult, bitter, long and expensive effort needed to convince the Palestinians and others that their dream of eliminating Israel is defunct. Should Israelis fail to achieve this, then Israel itself will be defunct.

What does winning the war mean for this hawk? A greater Israel? A push towards ethnic cleansing-- the expulsion of the Palestinians as Yisrael Beitenu advocates?

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:12 PM | | Comments (7)


Israel is making a BIG mistake in handing over more territory to Palestine,as God gave them all (Israel)
and God will retaliate until it is all given back.
They (Israel) is The Apple of God's Eye, read Zecharia 2v8 says he who touched you (Israel) Zion touches the Apple of His Eye (His pupil).
Why can't the world get it in their heads once and for all ,but they won't, that Israel is going to win ,just as they have won over all the nations that hate them and attack them every time.
Short fast wars leading to world war 3 when Isarel will win again after attacked by 200 million armies .They always win .Get it!

All this is prophesied in The Bible , Israel wins this last war within 24 hours.
I am watching a series of 8 dvds by Hilton Sutton Christian teacher for over 53 years on The book of Revelations that makes it all so clear not fear.

Just think on this ,why do most nations hate and want the destruction of a tiny,rocky,very dry land like Israel?
It is a spiritual war really, for the devil to try and win just as he tried to wipe out Jesus Christ and failed .
Get the Passion movie and see what He did for you.

well that is the voice of the Israeli Right is it not? War and expansionism is justified by God.

Alas, you do not speak for Israel, judging from the elections --you only speak for a section of the Jewish people. One that has been repudiated by the majority.

dobbadan relies on the Christian Bible for advice on how a dispute between Jews and Muslims will be resolved. Only thing missing is when all this is going to happen, so what does the Bible say about that? As an atheist I think dobbadan's argument is b/s but he/she is entitled to their belief.
I read Pipes in the Australian. He seemed to be saying Israel is entitled to wage all out war against the Palestinians to win. So why aren't the Palestinians entitled to wage all out war against the Israeli's? After all Israel is occupying Palestinian territory and is in breach of a number of UN resolutions.

Barry Rubin, writing an op.ed in todays Australian says:

More than a decade ago, most Israelis thought they had found the answer to the country's most difficult problems. Make a deal with the Palestine Liberation Organisation and Syria, implement concessions and take risks, offer to withdraw from territory captured in 1967 and accept a Palestinian state with its capital in east Jerusalem. No one, the reasoning, went, could reject such a deal. The peace process was bound to succeed and the conflict would end....In 2000, however, Syria and the Palestinians rejected peace on those terms. Five years of terrorist violence from the Palestinians followed..Most Israelis concluded, to put it as an understatement, that the doveish approach did not work and failed even to receive sympathy. The Left was discredited.

He adds that Sharon formulated a positive new approach, which Olmert is following.
Israel did not need the West Bank and Gaza Strip, certainly not economically and no longer even strategically...This view achieved consensus support even before Hamas took over the Palestinian Authority, ironically an event that happened on the same day as Israel's election. The new situation has served to reinforce this perspective. His election victory means Olmert now has a mandate to carry out his program.

So the Pipe's hawkish proposal of Israel winning the war is really out of step with what the mainstream Israeli's are currently doing.

Gary -Sauer Thomson you maybe an atheist but please explain why every prophesy has come to pass about Jesus so far 33 on the day of His Birth.
Other religions of man have been invented due to rebellion and power pushers so don't knock the God of The Bible please .This is all we ever hear . Read The Bible gary and prove us wrong as I have not wasted 27 years studying it both Old ad New Testaments.
Explain why Israel wins all of it's wars and fast too?
Why is Israel sucha talking point by all and any as wellas the greatest food growers while Palestinians have failed to succeed .Is their god weaker or not at all?
Come on come up with an explanation you atheists.
Read Ezekiel Ch 38 vs 18-19 and Gog (Russia) along with many Muslim nations will try and take Israel,but be wiped out.

Go to the next chapter and get educated with this soon coming to pass prophetic Word. Remember all this ,write it down as you will have egg on your faces .

Trying to reason with these "biblical types" is about as useful as fitting wheels to a tomato.

This, broadly speaking, is the tragedy of Israel/Palestine: that successive Israeli governments have allowed the fundamentalists, who only obey the "law of G-d" and not common law, to colonise large parts of the occupied territories, "because the bible/torah tells us so".

It must be hard to be an Israeli secularist...


I'm not questioning your fundamentalist Christian beliefs, just your identification of your views with Israel.

Your vuews are those of the warlike far Right, which favors a greater Israel through conquering the Palestinian people and driving them from their homeland, to give more land for settlements.

As I pointed out above this view is rejected by the majority of Israelis in a democratic election.