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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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March 8, 2006

Gee---troubling is brewing in the federal ALP. It has the smell of blood flowing and the media circling to feast on the wounded bodies. Politics sure is a tough business.

Paul Zanetti

An angry Simon Crean is openly gunning for Senator Stephen Conroy for his role in trying to throw Crean out the ALP. It is Latham revisited, isn't it. Remember Mark Latham?

Do you remember the things he was saying about certain members in his party? Well I've been reading it. In an entry in Latham Diaries on 15 November, 2004 Latham says:

Parliament comes back tomorrow, the moment we have been dreading. Caucus has gone feral with the destablisation of my leadership. It will be worse this week as the troublemakers gather in one place, gossiping to each other and to the press galllery. The chief troublemaker is Conroy: nonstop leaking, stirring discontent, befriending the malcontents. The moment he left my office last month, after our so-called reconciliation, his promise of teamwork went out the window. (p.373)

In an earlier entry, whilst commenting on working to form his shadow Cabinet, he says of Senator Conroy, that as a machine man he's not interested in policy only factions and patronage.

He then adds that Conroy:

...told me that he's against me on the Tasmanian forests because of his affiliation with the TWU--their members carry the logs. Nothing to do with argument, reason or public policy, but rather his factional links to a union. Has he ever driven a truck? Is it just me, or is there something fundamentally wrong with our Party?

Something is indeed wrong.Labor's rank-and-file membership, as it now stands, is totally dominated by factional warriors. As Latham well knew this political party is rotten to the core.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 3:33 PM | | Comments (2)


Sure it looks bad, but remember Crean shafted someone else to get the seat. There would be few MPs who didn't. On both sides!

As Julie Gillard said, she is no Doris Day. She paid her dues and did her time to gain pre-selection.

But there is a difference between Conroy and Crean--one is not into policy and the other is. As part of the post-Keating generation of ALP leadership group Crean's industry policies may not have been good --very protectionist, including tariff freezes as opposed to industry adjustment packages

You can disagree with this approach Latham, working from a free market regional free trade perspective of APEC, called the policy approach 'Creanite populist claptrap' that represents a lurch into retro economics that i opposed to Keating's reforms. Latham sees Crean and Beazley as a going backwards.

But at least Crean had some industry policies and was interested in developing policy, even if he backed of from continuing to further the opening up of free trade in our region.

You cannot say that for Senator Conroy.