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SA Election: the media « Previous | |Next »
March 6, 2006

When I was in Sydney on the Weekend I noticed all the Comonwealth Games billboards of global capital. There are none in Adelaide. All we have is the state election posters in a onesided election that the polls say the ALP will comfortably win. Most of the election advertising is on television and it is all by the right wing-Rann ALP Government. It's all about vision, economic outcomes, and being extra tough law and order.


You can read these as saying that the SA is enjoying a long period of sustained economic growth that gives rise to ever more law and problems. How come? Isn't that an indication that all is not well? Few journalists or commentators on The Advertser think that way

The ALP advertising is pretty much what the Rann Government has been doing for the last three years. This is a government that is strong on media manipulation, drip feed, and media events with the Advertiser happily playing the game.

The Liberals are absent. They have no money or vision. Theirs is a defensive campaign to limit the damage to losing seats. So they offer a bunch of carrots to selected interest groups in local campaigns and bash the public servants by saying they will cut 5000 jobs. That gets the media attention they desparately need, as they lack economic vision and growth strategies. What is being offered is the standard neo-liberal privatisation and cost cutting. How does that address an aging dwindling population, decaying infrastructure, sustainability and the best and brightest of the young leaving the state?

The only suprise so far is The Advertiser's coming out against the Rann Government, even though ithe Murdoch tabloid supports Rann's policies to grow the fragile economy and being tough on law and order. That opposition is a momentary blip for three weeks. Then The Advertiser will go back its usual contentment state on the Rann drip feed and keep its frustrations to itself.

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