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The ALP finds some courage « Previous | |Next »
March 21, 2006

Finally, federal Labor has done what it should have done long ago --it's decided to bring the troops home from Iraq. Rather late in the piece, you might say, for the little Americans in the ALP to begin to reconnect with the tradition of an independent ALP policy, starting with Iraq.

Alan Moir

The Big Macs of the ALP Right--Beazley, Rudd, Smith, Swan and Conroy---fell in with the Republican American line on using the war on terrorism to launch an expansionist and aggreesive foreign policy. They desire to stay close to an imperial USA, even if that meant giving support for the US's dirty little war in Iraq. Their perspective is not that much different from the foreign policy establishment in Canberra.

The strategy of the Coalition of the Willing sounds good doesn't it: using democratic reform and economic reconstruction to persuade Iraqis to side with the new government in Baghdad and oppose the insurgents; and to create an Iraqi national military and an Iraqi police force that can shoulder the burden of counterinsurgency against the insurgents on their own.

Yet Australian troops now find themselves in a situation of bloody civil war; one in which the rise of Islamic fundamentalism has been fuelled by the actions of the Coalition of the Wiliing. The Americans have another Vietnam on their hands, and the Howard Government is trapped.

Where did the Little Americans in the ALP find the courage to overcome their fear of great and powerful friends and start to stand up to the Americans and the Murdoch Press? Because the writing is on the wall?

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:40 AM | | Comments (0)