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May 15, 2006

The news and commentary on Radio National this morning was full of description about the Washington event below. It was all media fluff on the AM program. The Canberra press corp were shirking their responsibilities to democracy once again.

There was no digging around to mention Donald Rumsfeld's long war, Afghanistan where it is becoming clearer that the Taliban insurgents' spring offensive is now underway, or the covert operations against Iran. Iraq is just one campaign in the long war with the Bush Administration is looking at the Middle East as a huge war zone

Sean Leahy

President Bush's approval ratings are a low low 29% not 31%, and going downwards. This slide will be difficult to fix and Republicans know it.

While the Iraqi insurgency continues undiminished and political support for the war ebbs in the US, we have American commanders saying publicly that they still believe they can win the war. The Australian Prime Minister is quoted as supporting the standard Washington line by saying that the new Iraqi PM is the right man for the job. As if that is going to make much of a difference to the sectarian tensions between Sunnis and Shia, or to the insurgency. There is still no Iraqi government. No matter. Bush and Howard will just continually repeat 'staying the course' over and over again.

There is little in the Australian media about the scope of the domestic telecom surveillance going on in the US, or what it means for the national security state.

The Australian media doesn't give you much idea of what is happening in US politics. If you want to find out about the surveillance of citizens by the national security state you have to read the US media. Nor does ithe Australian media give much idea of what is happening in Iraq. Is the US' central intention to ensure a completely independent and democratic Iraq? Or is it to ensure a permanent occupation by building gigantic military facilities to enable it fight the next war in the Middle East? Don't look to the corporate media for answers.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:04 AM | | Comments (2)


Media fluff indeed. The media in this country are just as culpable as the government of Australia, and to my horror the opposition, for the prosecution of a bungled war on terror. Heads should roll for the absolute fiasco called Iraq, but I am not holding my breath for Bush, Blair Howard et al to be dragged to the Hague.The media are as compliciant as the neocons who started this shit fight.

What has happened here for mine is, the present government has such long standing ties with other previous governments of the same ideological bent, (Menzies springs to mind), and the monumental fiasco called Viet Nam, the government knowing full well as before with Viet Nam, have made a foreign affairs bungle, that cannot be measured. The goverment is going to see this through come what may.

I do not for one second believe that Howard believes his own rhetoric.This is all about the alliance with the U.S.for Australia and nothing else. W.M.D.'s and all the other bollicks is just that, bollicks.

Howard is in Washington for one reason only, and that is to say goodbye to Bush. He is doing it now because Howard knows the party is over for the Republicans come November, and better the tax payer pick up the tab. Howard will soon have his own later battles here with Costello. Some nice soothing photo ops with Bush being the last thing the American press core see of Howard.

I think I am becoming ill thinking about it.

Howard is aware should the Democrats win big in the U.S.come November he will be treated like a leper by the left wing of the party.This in my mind will alienate Howard with some of the electorate at home,who still believe in this fairy tale as the real truth about the so called war on terror slowly leaks out.

thats the way i see it panning out as well.

well put!