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the imperial highway to chaos « Previous | |Next »
May 29, 2006

A description in the Washington Post of the bloody chaos of the imperial highway as it passes through Iraq:

Steve Bell

I once though that Shi'ites and Sunni 's would ally themselves to fight the US occupation. No more, after reading this passage from Nir Rosen's op.ed "Iraq is the Republic of Fear":

Even shared opposition to the Occupation couldn't unite Iraq's Sunnis and Shiites, and perhaps that was inevitable given their bitter history of mutual hostility. Instead, as the fighting against the Americans intensified, tensions between Sunni and Shiite began to grow, eventually setting off the vicious sectarian cleansing that is Iraq today.

Iraq is now a Hobbesian world ruled by militias, or a vicious civil war. Take your pick.

The Bush/Blair news conference in Washington. The talk is about celebrating the historic moment of the formation of a new Iraqi government, a new beginning for Iraq, and the United States and Great Britain working with Iraq's new government to strengthen a young democracy and achieving victory over our common enemies. Who are the common enemies these days, given that the US control of the capital itself is in doubt? The US really controls the Green Zone since the guerrillas have taken over many of Baghdad's suburbs.

The imperial road is signposted by Bush's disastrous policies in the region, which have produced an Iraq in flames and under the domination of fundamentalist parties; a deadlocked peace process and a Hamas government in Palestine; and a dangerous escalation of tensions with Iran.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 5:06 PM | | Comments (1)


Now let me see,Who was it who said we told you so? The names of the dissidents are of no consequence now.All those un-educated swill what did they know?Who did these dissidents think they were fooling, when they said it was about the oil,hegemony and America's and Britains strategic interest.Of course most said there are probably weapons of mass destruction there, we have the receipts for them.Along with wheat Saddam was our best customer.What did a quick lesson in history on Iraq/Mesopotamia and the fact that thousands of Britains sons already lay buried in the cemetary's of the desert sands,and for what?nothing.. I wont count the other members of the C.O.W.they were blackmailed into it.Australia's input was and is about the alliance,but every one knows that.

To say that the sunnis and shiites hate each other worse than the main enemy the U.S. is arrant nonsence.And from what I read this is another attempt to change the issue.They are using this conflict to settle old scores,that go back into the mists of time,and when a victor arises out of the ashes of what is left of Iraq,it will be pay back time.Some one is going to pay for all those women and children being murdered. To call it any less is like denying the holocaust.The west is going to reap a whirlwind of tragedy over this fiasco,we are going to get it back in spades.No!watch this space.Phill.