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an image war « Previous | |Next »
August 2, 2006

The few images that I've seen on TV indicate that the Israeli/Hizbollah conflict is is a propaganda war as much as a shooting one, and in such a conflict to lose civilians on your own side represents a kind of victory. So whilst Qana was a propaganda disaster for Israel, it was a boon for Hizbullah. The Israeli government want the war to be seen as a victory, not a draw.


Israel is keeping up the offensive, resuming the air assault and initiating a ground assault to push Hizbullah northward to the Litani river.The Israeli hawks are now arguing that Lebanon - from which Israel withdrew six years ago - proves the folly of giving back so much as an inch of conquered territory. But that ground assault isn't going to put Hizbullah out of business is it? Won't an Israeli occupation of Lebanese territory vastly strengthen Hizbullah politically. Will not an Israeli occupation free Hizbullah's fighters to return to fighting a guerrilla war?

Isn't it about time the Howard Government broke with the US and the UK and publicly argued that the Israeli offensive was counter-productive, and that the government favours a call for an immediate ceasefire?

Is the ALP critical of Israeli policy? Does it say that Hezbollah is the source of the problem? Or does the ALP say that Hezbollah is a derivative of the tragic conflict over Palestine that began in 1948? Dos it go along with Tony Blair's narrative of a black-and-white battle between retreat and modernity (between between open values and closed ones) which in this instance Blair describes as "reactionary Islam and modern Islam"? Does it continue to go along with the way that the US, the UK and Australia hide from the reality that the way Britain, America and their allies have dealt with the Arab world since 2001 has provoked the conflict they now want to win? Is the ALP was coming up with any coherent alternatives to the Israeli call for NATO ) to do their occupation work for them?

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:22 AM | | Comments (2)


Israel has been given an extraordinary licence given the relative impact on each society of their respective weapons. Clearing the battlefield may be one concept but to make the following comment, attributed to the Israeli PM, reported today by ABC Online is gross:
"Mr Olmert listed the flight of civilians from the area as among the accomplishments of the Israeli military campaign."
I believe the refugee numbers are over 700,000 people.

Since it is an image war, as much as a military or political one, we can expect the media to become targets....It's a case of governments saying 'report the way we want you to report, or you will not be allowed to report at all.'

This is looking increasingly like a proxy war where Israel represents the US and Hezbollah represents Iran. The Bush administration sees the Lebanon war as integral to its wider global war on terror.