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Solar cities « Previous | |Next »
August 31, 2006

The recent 4 Corners program on global warming indicated that climate change is much more serious than most people think and that the adverse consequences of global warming are coming upon us much faster than we thought.


The program highlighted that the biggest single source of global greenhouse gas emissions is the burning of coal to produce electricity, Australia is the world’s biggest coal exporter, the Howard Government's resistance to using the power of the market to provide a "carbon price signal", and its falth clean coal technologies

What wasn't explored in the program was the capacity of solar energy to increase the Australia's energy efficiency, the first hesitant steps of which are being taken in the Solar Cities project. This would change electricity market arrangements so as to reward households or businesses that choose solar power, and reward consumers for better electricity efficiency and management. Solar power can address peak demand for electricity on hot days.

Under the Solar Cities project Sunny Adelaide has been chosen for a pilot project to encourage the installation of solar panels and electricity smart meters because of the massive increase in airconditioners which place the city's electricity supply in crisis over the summer. Eventually the project will be rolled across Adelaide's northern suburbs.

The term "solar (and sustainable) cities" is a broad term that can encapusulate many different initiatives, activities, and technologies. Generally, it implies renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable transport options, new urban planning methods or goals, architectural innovation, and environmental health.

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