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water crisis « Previous | |Next »
September 18, 2006

It is not just water shotages in south east Queensland is it. Climate change is happening faster than expected in Kosciuszko National Park, with snow cover in some areas already reaching low levels that the CSIRO predicted were not likely to occur until 2020.


Yet for many polticians in NSW and Queensland water policy is to impose restrictions and pray for wet weather.They continue to act as if the drought and the current dry winter was an unexpected emergency.Yet state governments have acted to continue to defer investment in infrastructure, continue to do poor planning and to protect their dividends from water utilities. What is not being seriously considered in the aforementioned states is long term planning to transfer water from rural to urban areas, desalination, recycling and stormwater harvesting.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:15 AM | | Comments (2)


What's really been lacking is press and media follow up to 4 Corners/Ticky Fullarton-type exposes over the years, when examples of the tragic, expensive and corrupt vaudeville that represents environmetal policy and "development", are examined in our country.
The politicians at all tiers, and in bipartisan mode insolently brazen out whatever investigations are underway, aided by the tabloid press and media and corrupted courts.
Now it's got so bad that the federal government medievalists get away with appointing a Humphrey Appleby starchamber-cum-kangaroo court, to have broad sheet journalists smeared when they have tried to tell the truth.

the state governments have placed the enphasis on the demand side--water restrictions in the cities ---and do nothing about reforming the water supply system.

For all their talk little is done to ensure a more sustainable water management practices. They have known about irregular rain fall for many a long year but cover their inaction by saying that the rains will come.

Water restrictions won't work with growing cities and static water supply. Supply needs to be increased through recycling storm and waste water.