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November 18, 2006

It is unlikely that we will see Al Jazeera in Australia, as we do CNN or the BBC. The live feed has to come through Foxtel, and guess what?

Geoff Pryor

Apart from TransAct in Canberra (you need to have cable) we can only watch Al AJazeera through a video feed via broadband. I watched some yesterday on the internet on the free option for around 15 minutes and I was very impressed. As a 24 hours news and current affairs channel Aljazerera looked to be very good--much better than Sky News I'm considering subscribing.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:24 AM | | Comments (2)


I take it this means SBS can't get hold of it?

well as far as I know. It's kind like a global SBS--and so Al-Jazeera Englishwill have to compete with such household names as CNN and the BBC.

We have a problem accessing the signal. It is a closed market. Some one has to host the channel. We only have Foxtel--part from TrasAct- from what I can tell as they have the satelitte and can deny access---there is no regulation to ensure they can be carried.

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