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deconstructing the global war on terror « Previous | |Next »
November 23, 2006

With the resignation of the Shiite ministers from the Lebanese Government of Hezbollah has shifted from supporting Fouad Siniora's government to opposition. Hezbollah is not an ordinary party that works in terms of peaceful political action, as it is an armed party, almost the militarily strongest player in Lebanon. Does this suggest that Hezbollah is moving toward toppling the government to set up another in its place? As Abdullah Iskandar states in Al-Hayat:

'When the opposition is armed, and it seeks change, and its backbone is one sect alone, there is no longer any use in talking about institutions, the Constitution, or the Charter.

This regional emphasis on Lebanon breaks with the neo-cons 'Global War on Terror' scenario of Washington, and its Israeli-centric Middle East policy; one in which the smashing of Iraq by the United States was an Israeli strategic goal. A war to degrade Hezbollah is a shared Israel-U.S. interest, which means that Israel can wage it without many constraints. The top regional issue for the neo-cons now is Iran's nuclear drive. They hold that Islamism has come to fill the space that used to be occupied by Arab nationalism in Nasser's time and that Israel's withdrawals from Lebanon and Gaza have fed this Islamism with lore of sacrifice and victory.

Steve Bell

The flaw with Bush's global war on terror (with its implication that terrorism is a specifically Islamic phenomenon) is not just its duality of tyrannies versus freedom, good versus evil, or advocating widening the war in Iraq to encompass Syria and Iran so as to bring democracy to the Middle East through regime change.

It is the tendency to group together under the same terrorist label movements which are very different in nature, having in common only their resort to violence in pursuit of political goals. The different violent non-state actors in Afghanistan and Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza and Somalia are all lumped together.

However, global Jihad of Al-Qaida is quite different from a nationalist, legitimate, defensive jihad, which seeks primarily to liberate its home territory from foreign occupation--- eg., Hizbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine and the Mahdi army in Iraq.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 5:09 PM | | Comments (2)


You are obviously misinformed as global Jihad is based on Qur'an ordering that the world must either convert to Islam as Dhimis or be murdered. This is the law of Muhammed Pubh and Allah, peace be upon him.

Israel and the USA are not trying to convert Islam to democracy. Their interest is the total destruction of Islam (not just radical Islamists) for the religion is based on what angel Gabrile told to Prophet Muhammed on his night ride in the sky.

Prophet Muhammed was told to write down that the only duty of Islam is to die and kill mankind instead of living in peace with the world.

Nothing happens without the will of Allah. So far he has placed the seeds of self destruction on the believers of Islam. That is a shame...

I understand that Al-Qaida's global jihad is a 'perversion' of true jihad. It attempts, 'vampire-like' to take over local struggles - in Bosnia, Chechnya, Kashmir and, of course, in Afghanistan and Iraq - in order to 'denationalise' them and subvert them for its own wider aims.

This understanding comes from Les Frontières du Jihad by Jean-Pierre Filiu.