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Iraq: a change in direction « Previous | |Next »
November 10, 2006

We bloggers live in a reality based community. We have to. Not so the Bush White House. Their ethos is different. It is one of "When we act, we create our own reality." Well they sure created their own reality in Iraq--an unmitigated disaster with no easy options.


It is best for the US to pull its troops out from Baghdad to secure bases, let the Iraqi's fight it out in Iraq and begin discussions with Syria and Iran. Can you see Bush doing that after Rumsfeld has fallen? He might just have to.

Steven Clemons, from the Washington Note has an op -ed in The Australian entitled Return of the realists. In it he says:

American voters are proclaiming loud and clear their lack of interest in "staying the course" with Bush's war team. The high-fear tactics that Bush and Dick Cheney used to milk American insecurity about the so-called global war on terror reached a point of diminishing returns some time ago. In recent years, Americans gave their commander-in-chief extraordinary powers and support to confront the world's thugs and terrorists and to make the nation safer.But the verdict of the 2006 elections is simply that the President and his team have made matters worse.The US, for the first time since Vietnam, is looking at a big military and political loss in the Middle East as well as a world of allies and foes who count on US support less than they once did or who are moving forward their aggressive and potentially harmful agendas.

He then adds:
Although it is still highly doubtful that the Democrats have a serious plan for Iraq that its factionalised party supports, it is clear that the President can't continue in the direction in which he has been heading on Iraq. If neo-conservatives have jumped ship, and if the Dems are wanting change, the most logical course for Bush is to get logical: to revive the realist wing of US foreign policy and re-establish some of his bona fides with a besieged and overwhelmed military.

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