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December 20, 2006

So the ALP is renewed, refreshed, eager to take the fight to the Liberals and wrest the levers of power from Howard's hands in the next federal election. They are talking in terms of Australia needing an immediate commitment to a national carbon trading scheme that offers a possible, long-term global trading scheme. This would involve ratifying the Kyoto Protocol, developing clean-coal technology, increasing use of gas, setting greenhouse gas reduction targets, investing in renewable energy, and penalising companies that breach set emission levels.

What then of the old growth native forests? Where does the Rudd-ALP stand in relation to the native forest logging industry?

Rod Clement

Isn't logging native forests a negative for climate change? Did not the Stern report find that stopping land clearing and native forest logging is the first thing that should be done on a global scale to stop the onset of human-forced climate change? Don't old-growth forests store and absorb huge amounts of carbon, making their preservation a high priority in carbon trading and other efforts to tackle global warming?

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 7:55 AM | | Comments (8)


Did you laugh last week when Rudd was walking along the beach with a kid with a new bike?

I did---the one with Peter Garrett?

I also recall the striking images from Tasmania from the closing days of the 2004 poll – Mark Latham sneaking out a back door to avoid timber workers and CFMEU members cheering on John Howard.

Does that mean Garret talks to the doctors’ wives in the leafy suburbs in mainland about saving the forests whilst Rudd talks to the timber workers about economic growth?

Interesting that this very day climatologists from WA's Murdoch University have released finding that native vegetation produces rain and cleared agricultural land produces drought!

The 2007 election ad you should but probably won't see:

A vote for Howard/Rudd is a vote for drought, high food prices, destitute farmers and cracked house walls!

Yes that was the one with garrett and the surfboard.....

Yes its a bit hard to put ian's election promise into a Snappy Jingle.

so we help to break the drought by planting more native trees cos it rains more over native forests? Is that the upbeat message?

well that is up to the Greens is it not? I can't see anyone else having a go on this can you? Certainly not the Nationals or Family First.

Tassie for the ALP is difficult - 2 seats can be won back fairly easily, but all the negatives are on the mainland.

Evidence of the last election is that the old growth forests are not going to gain the ALP any seats on the mainland.

All the votes that are involved go to the Greens and mainly feed back to the ALP anyway.

Sadly, the forests will be another victim of the Howard legacy.


The Victorian election showed how the inner city seats can be held for the ALP. Garrett is used to block the Green advance in the House of Representatives and keep them in the Senate---just like the Democrats.

I'm not sure that Rudd shutting green groups out of a key national environment debate, the formation of Labor's Tasmanian forest policy, and pledging strong support for the island state's forest industry wil work. In rejecting the ALP's previous position on Tasmanian forests and backed existing deals between the Howard Government and the pro-logging Lennon Government, Rudd has aligned himself with Howard.

So what is different about the ALP on forests these days?