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December 6, 2006

A central issue in the urgently needed restructure of Australia's health care system is to establish models of care that prevent illness and provide early diagnosis and treatment of problems.

Steve Bell

The health system is focused on chronic disease management and hospital care and is under greater stress due to a shortage of funding and workforce. The primary health care system is failing for a shortage of general practitioners.

Others argue that the central problem is the blame game between the states and the commonwealth, and the duplication between the two levels of government on health costing the community between $1.5billion and $4billion a year.

The rising costs of health care and a funding structure that can create incentives for state and commonwealth governments to shift costs to others and this compromises the ability of the increasingly interdependent public and private health care providers to offer the care that patients require. In the debates in the House of Representatives on health the Howard Government bashed the states for poor service delivery.

In contrast Kevin Rudd argued that the Government failed to deliver a national reform agenda in health and education, despite a $40 billion dividend from the economic boom.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 4:08 PM | | Comments (4)


I really don't see what all the hoo har is about with the health system....
I can go down the street and see a doc for free if I want to.
Or I can go down the the local private hospital and have any operation I waiting...
$28 will fill most prescriptions...
Sure there is a shortage of doctors in the country areas....but theres a shortage of plumbers too....
If you want to see the best doctors you come to the has always been that way.

lucky you. Pity about those who have died at the hands of medicos isn't it.

yes that is a shame..but I think that is an issue of bad management at the hospital ward level.

bad management of a public hospital can be caused by lack of dollars and workforce shortages.