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Adelaide's water future « Previous | |Next »
January 29, 2007

It is now accepted in policy circles that the shift in rainfall in Australia has been substantial during the past 50 years. Southern Australia is receiving ever less rain--- 250 millimetres---than they did back then. Larger and larger amounts of rain--- 250 millimetres--is falling over parts of the north-west are receiving.

Bruce Petty

Scientific evidence is indicating that rising temperatures are being caused by an increase in greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. It is argued that these gases are also thought to be causing at least part of the rainfall decline across southern Australia, though land clearance and natural variability of rainfall may also be having an impact.

Where to for Adelaide now? The CSIRO estimates that by 2020, average annual flows to the Murray-Darling catchment may reduce by 15 per cent due to climate change and other factorsI

SAhas to guarantee Adelaide's water supply by taking pressure off the River Murray, which means that SA state must find new sources of fresh water instead of relying on the Murray, with SA needing to move to non-climate dependent sources of water. The Liberal opposition in SA has trealized this and taken the first steps by proposing that the desalination of seawater is the long-term answer to the state's water crisis; greater use of greywater on lawns and gardens from domestic washing machines and capturing the recycled wastewater discharged to the sea;

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 6:51 AM | | Comments (2)


Good news from Qld...
1. The referendum on whether we should introduce recycled water into our drinking water is cancelled.....The beattie gov has said....we are getting it and thats that.
2. As of today all junk food in school tuckshops is off the menu in all qld schools.

seems we have made some progress....

Premier Beattie was on Radio National this morning. He puts the issue starkly:

These are ugly decisions ... but you either drink water or you die ... There's no choice ... It's liquid gold ... it's a matter of life and death.

The rainfall is just not there.So there is a need for purified recycled water into our drinking system and a desalination plant for supplemnt supplies into the water grid.