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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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January 4, 2007

I see that Janet Albrechtson, in her latest column in The Austalian, laments the lack of conservative cartoonists in Australia. She rightly observes that all the pot shots come from the left side of politics and all the targets are on conservative side. As Tim Dunlop observes this is what you'd expect when the Liberals have been in power in Canberra for a decade.

Matt Golding

Now it's not that there aren't issues for conservatives to lampoon. Do not conservatives defend Australian values --including the rule of law? So they could highlight the erosions of liberties in Australia--eg., the way the rule of law has been breached through dumping habeas corpus for a political sacrifice (eg., David Hicks who is deemed to be a traitor)--- could they not? Are there not ALP governments in all states in Australia? Doesn't that provide plenty of opportunities for conservatives to lampoon the left side of politics?

Albrechtson has an explanation for the dearth of good conservative cartoonists. She says:

The explanation lies not in some cartoonists' conspiracy, but in the cartoonist's cast of mind. There is a natural leftist habitat for the cartooning kind. So I'll leave you with a larger but somewhat cheeky hypothesis. Left-wing politics is essentially an emotional, instinctive utopian kind of world peopled by romantics and dreamers. Conservatism is, on the other hand, more rational, analytical and pragmatic. That is why creative types tend to come from the Left. Right-wingers, by contrast, have real jobs.
Huh? How does 'natural leftist habitat for the cartooning kind' square with the work of good conservative cartoonists in the US? And Max's dialectic of concepts in Capital vol. 1 was emotional and instinctive? The conservative denial of global warming, and the need to shift to renewable energy, is rational, analytical and pragmatic?

The Howard Government's recent media reforms, which are carefully designed to protect the profits of its media mates and deny the public the benefits of digital television, is deemed to be rational, analytic and pragmatic even though this policy turns its back on the principles of competition and consumer choice that the government professes to uphold? And conservatives denying market failure in terms of greenhouse externalities is rational? Gee I learnt about that kind of market failure in economics 101.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 7:00 AM | | Comments (2)


How anyone can read the drivel she produces, I don't know. You have a better stomach than I do!

How someone like her can talk about having a real job is truly laughable.

Though it's the silly season Albrechtson is not an intelligent conservative is she. She doesn't give much by way of insight into a problem from a different perspective.

I heard Imre Salusinszky, NSW political reporter for The Australian newspaper, ranting about David Hicks on Radio National Breakfast this morning He was dreadful.He had no concern for the rule of law. Hicks was a traitor, who had sided with Islamofascists who bombed Australians in Bali and that was all there was to it.Hicks deserved his treatment.