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Remember David Hicks « Previous | |Next »
January 1, 2007

It's a cynical take on our federal politicians isn't, highlighting the gap between rhetoric and reality as we move into 2007 and a federal election. The more things change the more they remain the same. Still, 16 seats is all that it takes for the ALP to win the election.

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Allan Moir

What is i missing grom the cartoon is the ruthlessness of the politically successful. An example ist the continued detention of David Hicks at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba erodes the very rights and freedoms that the Australian government says it is defending in the war on terrorism.

The accusations against Hicks are based on association, and for this he has been incarcerated for 5 years. Doesn't this undermine a bedrock of our system of justice? --that the evidence against Hicks be presented in a public hearing in a recognized court so that the claims against him can be tested, so that a jury can convict or acquit.

As things currently stand, Hicks has no prospect of being tried in a proper court.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:43 AM | | Comments (6)


I must admit that I have long felt sad for Hick's plight and his Fathers too.
Yes there is no doubt to his Guilt and his Stupidity. But, He didn't kill anybody to mine or anybody elses knowledge.
It is a sad fact that Australia as all other countries do and have trained many people to use weapons and kill. A lot of these people sit in the average to lower spectrum of intelligence levels.
I have suspected for a while that Hicks is being used as a visible deterrent to these serving and retired personel...Not to even think about changing teams.

What we do not want is a kangaroo court.

I'm not sure what Hick's guilt refers to. He wasn't involved in 9/11. He was associated with the Taliban and al-Qaeda or al-Qaida in Afghanistan.

What has he actually done to be considered a terrorist and an enemy of Australia. Is association enough these days of the war on terrorism?

Surely Hicks has a right to be assumed to be innocent until charged and then proven to be guilty.

for sure. The last military commission was such a court.

Yes, Just my point Hicks is Guilty of training with the Taliban.
Guilty of Being Stupid.
Not Guilty of Killing anybody.
He doesn't deserve to spend any longer chained up like a dog for propaganda purposes.

we agree on something. Hicks is not a perpetrator of war crimes.

We don't know if David Hicks is guilty or innocent of the alleged conduct. What we do know know is that Hicks is an Australian citizen and that he has not broken any Australian law. The Howard Government concedes that and that is why Ruddock and Co refuse to bring David Hicks home to face a fair trial or be released.

We also know that Hicks pleaded not guilty in August 2004 to charges of attempted murder, conspiracy and aiding the enemy.

We also know that those charges were struck out by the US Supreme Court in June 2006 when it ruled the military commissions were unlawful.

We know that the Howard Government held that the military commission process in relation to David Hicks will provide a proper measure of justice.

If David Hicks carried his arms openly, and was clearly distinguishable from civilians, he should be recognized as a prisoner of war.